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For a while now I haven’t been able to obtain my gift (even though getting articuno was fine including the tournament after that that gave me 50bp), no matter what I do I can’t seem to get it, it keeps coming up with ‘A gift was found, but you can’t receive it with your current software’. I don’t understand. My switch is up to date and I also gone to many websites and tried out many solutions but nothing works, and as mentioned I went into another tournament and got the mystery gift of that afterwards but it’s still not working. Is my game broken?

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IIRC, when that message appears, you need to do one Ranked Battle.

Also, didn't the Moltres event end months ago?
Yes it ended months ago, it still doesn’t work so that’s why I am confused. But I will try a ranked battle
Are you sure you completed in that specific tournament? It only lasted three days
Can you show us a screenshot or a video?
How do I add photos?
You can upload pictures to websites like Imgur or Google Drive, and then put the image's link in the question. Make sure other people have permission to look at your image
Also does Solember's answer answer your question? If no, do you want me to put it back on the unanswered list?

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Go into a ranked battle. You will get a message that tells you you have a gift waiting, and you will be able to collect it.