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I think that would depend on the moves you want

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really does depend on the moves you want. but my experience has shown that you want a pokemon that has the move you're looking for, and then either level that one up higher than smeargle, put the choice item that boosts speed on it, or put an iron ball on smeargle just to make sure he's slower and then go into the grass that can be double battles. then you use the move you want and use sketch.

if you want a lowered priority move you apparently need to get a pokemon that has the move, can learn rest, and can use sleep talk. then you use sleep talk to make the lowered priority move into the same priority bracket as sketch. make sure it only knows sleep talk/rest/move you want. this may take a few attempts which kinda sucks because for each fail you need to lvl smeargle to the next x1 level to learn a new sketch.

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Just save the game before the battle and if it doesn't work out, reset the game and try again.
true, i keep forgetting about that even though i use it all the time while breeding pokemon.
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i just get a pokemon i have with the move in box the go to the low level double grass make it use the move and smeargle use sketch and then run and it gets the move

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