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is there action replay even in ss or what game can you get comes with acion replay?tell me anything that might come in handy who answers i will give a good vote and a thanks

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First off, using an AR can seriously mess up your game. You can buy an Action Replay and game stores like Gamestop, or off of Amazon or something. After you buy it, you place the cartridge in the slot where the game goes, then place the actual game in the slot in that. The AR (as far as I know) comes with cheats for Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver. If you want to add other games, like Black, then you just place the game card in the AR slot, and click a few buttons, and you just added a game. Unfortunately, you have to look around Google, Yahoo, and other search engines to find cheats. You can add cheats to a game you already have, too. The site I found most reliable is here: http://us.codejunkies.com/Default.aspx. Just keep in mind that your game could be messed up PERMANENTLY.

I hope this helps!

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No prob, just remember that AR's take the fun out of the game.
Or for some of us, it takes the tedious parts out of the game. It doesn't necessarily strip all meaning out of the game; it depends on the person using it.
ar well bust you game you know that right
gotta beat red gotta beat red oh sorry i was typing while playing