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I dont know whats wrong here. I type my WEP key into the DS correcly and it says it is correct, but when its connecting it stops and says error. Any idea whats wrong? ( I cant get my FC ... -_____- )
If you help me leave ur FC in comment so when i fix this issue i can add ya!! =D thanks guyyyss (:

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did it happen to give any error code?  also, how far are you from your router when you get this error.  you might also have the security on your router set too high for the ds to recognize you need to be on WEP or no security settings to connect.
What is the error code?
it says ERROR CODE 51099
when i test the connection i am LITERALLY 3 feet away from my TRENDnet router box...How can you set up/ reset the router to the correct settings??
You can try unplugging the power cord and re-plugging it in again, and also try making sure every wire is securely in it's rightful spot, as well as all connections are connected.
There should be a program for your router that shows you that information.
thank you all for the help (: imm gonna try that

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that is probably your security settings then. best help i can give is to go here and see if this fixes it.


to change the router settings find your routers "manual" or look it up online for your specific router.

thanks ill try that