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I think thunder does, but what others do?


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Smack Down, Gust, Twister, Sky Uppercut, and Thunder (Credit to pikamaster555)

Also, Hurricane. (Credit to Umbrae)

Also, if you have a Pokemon with No Guard, you can hit a Flying Pokemon with any move.

Also, if you use Lock-On or Mind Reader right before they Fly, it will allow you to hit them during flight. (Credit to DarkTyphlosion)

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Smack Down,Gust,Twister,Sky Uppercut,Thunder
Thats all i can think of

What about stone edge and rockslide?
They can't. I have tested it several times.
Weird, Stone Edge did on me
On what Pokemon? Who launched the Stone Edge?
That might have been due to a Machamp or something. No guard would allow it to hit.