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Togepi (egg)
Eevee(Lv 20)
Porygon (LV 25)
Riolu (Egg)

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You get a Togepi as an egg once you defeat Team Galactic and you go to where the Poke Mart is in Eterna City.

You get an Eevee from a girl called Bebe who lives in the house next to the Pokemon Center in Hearthome City.It is at Lv 20.

You get a Porygon at Lv 25 by talking to someone in one of the houses behind the Pokemon Center in Veilstone City.

You get a Riolu as an egg by helping someone called Riley defeat the Galactic Grunts on Iron Island.

if you have no room for them, you get to run all the way back to the poke center to make room! yay!