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Besides obvious things like incredibly high stats and strange moves like Spacial Rend on a Magikarp (yes somebody tried pulling that off on me, mostly for fun though.)

No torterra in platinum? THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! Anyway I like Meganium too, quite a bit, and so does my sister, she loves it. It can be ev trained and nature trained to have AMAZING attack, and special attack, and decent everything else. Mine was, it was my HG starter, is lv 72 with Earthquake, Toxic, Body Slam, and Energy ball.
Yeah, I know, im doomed. While im on vacation, you and him will probably pass me. Thats why im trying to get as amny points as possible before I go(in 5 days, ill be gone for a week).
Actually, it'll be heard for me to hold that for long, I have to register for school tomorrow, then I go back about 2weeks from now. Why must schools in MI start so early?
Well, you would still be 4th (I don't think anybody has been such great point gainers in such short time. I might not even pass you, I've been falling behind.)

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If it has unusual stats, looking at the ball used to catch it is another way to tell (unless they are mentally challenged, I don't think anyone would catch a level 2 pidgey with a master ball) also, look at where they met the pokemon. If it says "met ho=oh at route 4" you know it's hacked. some may have a trainer ID of 00000.

I am actually offended by your Level 2 Pidgey thing. Okay this is one of my funny but true Pokemon stories (along with the Shiny Red Metapod, my first shiny, who I caught during the Bug Catching Contest and who only got second place, giving me what is in my opinion, the most useless item because I already had one, the Everstone.) Both of these stories happened in my favorite version, my great and powerful Gold version (first version I had to get all level 100s.) Okay, I had caught all the legendaries in my Gold version. ANd I had most Pokemon. However, I could not catch an Abra. They kept on running from me. So, I used my Master Ball on a level 10 Abra!
In gold, I caught every single legendary without the master ball, and I wanted to save it for the last one to make it easy. So I checked online and saw... I already caught them all. Not having anything else to do with it I tried to catch a doduo... but it belonged to a trainer.
Hahahaahahahah. Come to think of it, ive never used mymaster ball in my HG, SS, emerald(s), ruby, or Platinum!
I just use it because it makes catching Legendaries so much quicker. I kind of get bored thowing Ultra and Dusk Balls over and over even though the foe is paralyzed and has one HP until I can finally use Timer Balls well.
As you know, I restarted my platinum recently. I just caught Giratina today. And Guess What?? I caught it at 1 health, paralyzed, and in a dusk ball!
Why is it that only Palkia and Regice are the Pokemon I can catch easily (I got them in only two turns each. Damnage than Dusk Ball or in Ice's case, Great Ball.) Do you have your Giratina mostly in Altered or Origin form? I like altered better.
I like Origin form better, because it has higher attack than defense. But as I just cauht it, I don't have the orb yet, so its currently in altered form. if you want to see the alternate stats, look in the middl eof this page: http://www.serebii.net/games/forms.shtml
Had a comment for Trachy. I understand the thrill of catching pokemon, but you didn't want to just get the abra from the game corner as a prize?
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First of all, check the Pokeball the pokemon was caught in, if it is a cherish ball, it was hacked. Secondly, cheated pokemon will say "Met at Lv. 0". Thirdly, Cheated pokemon can't be traded on GTS.

Hope this helps.

Some people have programs to make hacked Pokemon look completely legit.
no not all the time but legendary pokemon at(random) lv. 10 can't be traded(had it happen to me once)