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I was looking at this, Is it like a Pokemon? Because I've never heard of it?

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One word. Glitch.
When I say this, I said "GlithGlitchGlitchGlitchGlitchGlitch" and it came out like "Glitchledgeledgegeledgedglitched"
Try saying "Glitch" 5 times fast. XP

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Missigno is a glitch found in gen. 1 games. this link will explain everything: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Missingno

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What's untrue?
really, you HID my answer!? there was some truth to my answer, you know. goddamn moderators, you're all power hungry diktators, y'know that. There was nothing illigal about my answer. Now I remember why I hate forums:- kiss the moderators' asses or get blocked. My proof: see how long this comment stays up!
Your answer was garbage, and B3N already answered the question. And its the mods job to keep this site idiot free.
You can't really insult mod's for doing their job
Missingno isn't just from 1st gen. It can be found is almost any gen, but certain things have to line up.