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I really need help! My pokemon are:
Meganium lvl 50:
petal dance
magical leaf
frenzy plant

Lugia lvl 53:

Gyarados lvl 38:
dragon rage
rain dance

Togetic lvl 34:
ancient power

Dratini lvl 27:
thunder wave
dragon rage

Vulpix lvl 21:


2 Answers

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You will need all of these Pokemon to enter the high 40's to even have a slight chance at beating Lance. You will also need much better moves. You don't need so many moves of the same type (Meganium has three Grass attacks, and Lugia has three Water Attacks).

Meganium needs Reflect or Light Screen on it for Team Support. Sythesis and Body Slam may be useful on it too.

Lugia needs Extrasensory back, as well as an attack for coverage. Ice Beam is nice to have on it, but you can use Blizzard too, if you don't have Ice Beam.

Gyarados doesn't have a Water attack, so there's no point for Rain Dance. get it to remember bite to make the battle against Will easy. Dragon Rage is mediocre too, so teach it a good coverage attack, like Earth Quake or Stone Edge. If you can't get those, then get Gyarados to remember Ice Fang. Having Waterfall on Gyarados is really good too.

Togetic is almost good for moves, but get rid of Metronome and remember Magical Leaf.

Dratini needs some serious training, and besides that, it needs Slam or Headbutt. The other two attacks are good for now, but when it learns Aqua Tail, lose Dragon Rage.

Vulpix is fainted?
And it's Lvl. 21, so screw the fox.

All in all, you need some improvement on this team. Nothing too bad about it, you just have some low-levelled team members, really. Fix the moves if you can, but if not, just level up some of the low-leveled ones.

Good advice. The key is to LEVEL UP YOUR POKEMON! I'm amazed how no one ever seems to understand this.
BUT WHEN YOU POKEMON LEAVELS UP IT GETS HARDER TO LEVEL THEM UP ...........................................THATS WHY THEY GOT RARE CANDIES:)...............................DRAGON POKEMON RULE:)
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I would say you get you pokemon to 40 or high if not at least 35 and fight him or I would lvl up your gyarados to lvl 40 and teach it surf and get rid of twister ok use surf till you defeat him of use rain dance then surf. if it does not work then give me a shout (you going to have to try more than once) (this is cool but rare in the elite four go to the edge of the platform and there might be a black hole it'll take you right too the last guy) yey and dragons rule!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!