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I tried mating a ditto with jigglypuff, clefairy, and ralts, all female. ditto is not hacked, and I caught it myself, along with the females- so if theyre all normal, why wont thay mate? it said ditto and these 3 didnt like each other. what the heck is up with that.ditto mated with others just fine - even metagross

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If the daycare man says "They prefer to play with other pokemon more than each other", then they will never breed.

However, if he says anything else, even "they don't like each other" then they WILL breed eventually, it just takes longer.

Get on your bike and ride around a bit. If you're on D/P/Pt then you can ride up and down the long stretch from north-south of the town. When the daycare man is facing the road is when the egg has been laid (or keep refreshing the daycare poketech app to see if an egg appears).

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Leave it a bit longer and it should be breeding like radits:D