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I'd like to know, because I want to wreck little cup with something if that's the case, and no, it's not the Righteous Heart ability. I wouldn't think the Pokemon attacks itself, but the Pokemon using the move is also participating in the beat up, so it wouldn't necessarily do nothing just because they're active in the party. Did game freak catch this or not?


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With a full party, you will strike 6(six) times.

>In a Double Battle, if a Pokémon uses Beat Up on its partner, the partner will attack itself (unless it suffers from a status ailment).

Source: Bulbapedia

>In a double or triple battle, if a Pokemon uses Beat Up on one of its teammates, then that teammate will attack itself.

Source: Smogon

Tested on PO (Thank you B3N for all your help):

>My Weavile used Beat Up on My Terrakion. He lost 22 HP collectively.

>But, when I saw his HP, it was 75 when it should have been 78. Those last 3 points must be from him hurting himself. I used a calculator for all the math to be sure.

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