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Gender: Rather not say
Country: JaPPAPan
Favorite Pokémon: see about me, the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and...on..zzz
Friend Codes: Switch code: SW-7123-7388-4517
About me: I am the youtuber that created the famous video back in 2013, red zone. It has 2M views, but I want to get to 5K subs. Sub to sanntai489!
My gravatar is my yt photo.
also i am retired from yt.
Happy back to school!
fav pokemon by type

 ELECTRIC sanntAIchu (raichu)
 ICE BachTic
 FLYING Ho-ho-ho! oh
 PSYCHIC Pokebase-METAgross
 BUG Get in the shed, ninja!
 ROCK Barbie-racle
 GHOST DCDUI (decidueye)
 DARK mega head, shoulders knees and toes, gyarados
STEEL DIAL the number if you smell GAS
 FAIRY Diantha-cie

To save the Earth from exploding!
To stop cyber bullying!

(insert name here)! (insert name here)! Magikarp!

And we stole Ash’s Pikachu! Finally!

Giovanni: is this what you call a Pikachu?

Pikachu: I JUST SH*T MY PANTS! *farts*
▕▔╲                              ╱▔▏
     ╲╱╲                     ╱╲╱
          ╲    ╲▂▂▂╱   ╱                ╱╲
          ╱                          ╲           ╱          ╲
          ▏▕▆▍▂▕▆▍ ▕     ╱           ╱
      ▕╭╮┈┳┻┳┈╭╮▏╲        ╱            
          ╲╯    ╰━╯    ╰╱        ╲     ╲
          ╱                          ╲              ╲     ╲
      ▕╲    ▕           ▏    ╱▏         ╱     ╱
      ▕    ▔▔           ▔▔    ▏    ╱    ╱
      ▕                                  ▏╱   ╱
          ╲                           ╱▔▔

Guess the Pokémon 31/08/19 EVERY SATURDAY


I am known for not attacking.
I only know 3 moves in my move pool.
They are all useless.
I have an evolution that is WAY more powerful than me.
I am the weakest Pokémon.
I only attack when I run out of PP of my signature move.


I had a Mega Evolution but it wasn’t introduced in X/Y.
I am from Kanto.
I had 2 previous evolutions.
I was one of Blue’s Pokemon when he was a champion.
According to Smosh - a person caught me as a level 5 with a Master Ball.


I was introduced in 2010.
On my EX version of TCG, I only do 80 damage.
On my Crimson Invasion card, I do 160 damage.
I should have got a Mega Evolution!
I have 2 types.
You can find me in X/Y in Victory Road.

Guess the Pokémon 7/9/19


I am a legendary.
I am a psychic Pokémon.
I am not Mewtwo.
I am not a flying type.
I am impossible to get in my own region.


I have 240 health on my tcg card.

I lay down all the time.

I know swagger.
I am a normal type.



I am not good at jokes, despite my name

I have attack power 60 at max level at shuffle.

I am Viola's Pokémon.

I am a bug.

I was introduced in Hoenn.

Post on my wall if you have a clue! Example:

24/11/16 Easy Greninja

Your still reading and your bored? Fine... I misheard the lyrics in my video of red zone and this is what I heard:

Incredible beats
Welcome back
Speed rave
Put It Up!
Yeah! Yeah!(Go! Go! Go Go Go!)
Put It Up!
(Go! Go! Go! Go!)
(Let's go!)
Use your flow All we need
The energy And I got the key It keeps me
Make a heart Sailin' too far
To the unit We're gonna do it Takin' it far
(Go! Go! Go! Go!)
The crowd Yo! Keepin' it raw!
I feel Big deal
Go MC's Keep it real
Best friend Too stressed to pull it
Under arrest Top-notchin'
State killa Run a audience
Then Don't, run
Run with the ghetto
It's not funny
Stay healthy
Young kids is coming
Measure up Stay, together
Tatsh, That's me
Get a feel
Feel how MCs heat the room
Better be real
Seek the devil, whatever
Under arrest
Stay together
Under arrest Bitch
Rollin' with the money
Runnin' with the ghetto
Playin' It's not funny
Stay colored
Step foot when I comin'
Break up, take it!
(Yeah. Uh! C'mon!)
Say Speed Rave!
Speed Rave!
Bring it back!
Bring it back!
(Go go go go go go! Let's go!)
Bring it back!
(Go go go go go go! Let's go!)
Say Speed Rave! Speed Rave!
Bring it back!
Bring it back!
(Go go go go go go! Let's go!)
Bring it back!
(Go go go go go go! Let's go!)
Yeah! Jump! Higher! Yeah!

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