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Suggestions For My Psychic Team?

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EV's:252 Sp.Attack,252 HP,6 Speed
-Psystrike(STAB and gets around Sp. walls)
-Aura Sphere(Coverage)
-Ice Beam(Coverage)
-Recover(HP recover)
Mewtwo will come out as a powerful lead using Sp.Attacks and hitting both defenses.Aura Sphere covers Dark and Ice Beam Bug and Recover to keep Mewtwo going
Kingslow(Slowking)[email protected]'s Rock
Ability:Own Tempo
EV's:252 Sp.Attack,252 Sp.Defense,6 HP
-Shadow Ball(Coverage)
-Calm Mind(Stats boost)
Slowking protects the group from ghost types and can take out fire types fast.
Blueflash(Latios)[email protected] Bell
EV's:252 Sp.Attack,252 HP,6 Speed
-Luster Purge(STAB and lowser Sp.Defense of foe)
-Dragon Pulse(STAB)
-Calm Mind(Stats boost)
Latios lowers Sp.Defense so even if it faints my other pokemon can come in and deal good damage.Calm mind and its mixed Sp.Attacks so it can cut through tona of teams.
Blade(Gallade)[email protected]
EV's:252 Sp.Attack,252 HP,6 Sp.Defense
-Drain Punch(HP recover and the bane of dark types)
-Leaf Blade(Strong)
-Psycho Cut(STAB)
-Swords Dance(Get a few in and hes the true bane of all dark types)
Gallade is straight out deadly.3 swords dances and he will be able to ram through dark types sense they cant touch him much
Superpoke(Victini)@Shell Bell
Ability:Victory Star
EV's:252 Sp.Attack,122 HP,122 Speed,14 Sp.Defense
Victini is my best mixed attacker and gets rid of bug types.
Clay(Claydol)@Quick Claw
EV's:252 Sp.Defense,122 HP,122 Sp.Attack,14 Defense
-Explosion(Last resort)
-Cosmic Power(Just keep walling)
Claydol is a mixed wall and when hes close to fainting,CLA-BAM-O!Cosmic power just helps him wall it all.

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Mewtwo makes the team Uber. So watch out for that, as Mono-Dragon Uber would completely destroy with all that they have. Either replace Mewtwo and make your team a lower tier or add on more Ubers.
Tracy is right any uber team can wipe u out.
I have no clue what a Uber is or a lower tier and im useing this in a torment against a few friends and none are use dragon types.
In a torment or in a tournament??
i fail at spelling.the tournament

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alakazam ? hes also a really good choice, just sayin

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