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I Really want a good Attack/Defense team with one Staller/Sp.Sweeper and Sp.Defender.
I need only two Legendaries but if you say that I don't need them tell me.I can give you also the moveset of this Pokemon.If is needed help me change their moves

Metagross=Sweeper-Physical Tank Ability= Clear Body Item=Leftovers
-Meteor Mash
-Zen Headbut
Loves to eat

Lucario=Sweeper-Sp.Sweeper ( It's Attack is the same as the Sp.Attack) Ability=Inner Focus
Nature=Modest Item= Rocky Helmet
-??ExtremeSpeed?? (don't know what steel type move should I give him HELP!!)
-Aura Sphere
-Protect or Work Up (HELP)
Strongly defiant

Tyrannatar=Sweeper/Physical Tank Ability=Sand Steam
-Rock Polish (Not sure)
-Stone Edge

Lugia=Sp.Tank-Sp.Sweeper (I have done some work on Lugia to raise it's Sp.Attack stats) Ability=Pressure Nature=Brave Item=Life orb
-Calm Mind (Raise it's Sp.Attack and Sp.Defense)
Alert to sounds

Thunderus=Staller/Sp.Sweeper Ability=Prankster Item=BrightPowder
-Volt Switch
-Heal Block
Scatters things often

Bastiodon=2 Staller/Defender Item=leftovers Ability=Sturdy
-Ice Beam
This Pokemon is meant to be a staller(Toxic) and defender (Thunderbolt ice beam and earthquake ) beacuse it has all covery moves and it takes hits from any Pokemon to let an ally surviv.


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