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I will give credit to anyone who I got nicknames from.

Obamasnow (Fear itself) @Big Root Special Tank

Modest Nature
Leech Seed
Giga Drain
Ice Beam

Special Tank-Ice Beam makes use of hail (His ability) and All the rest are for drainage. (Can this thing learn drain punch?)

Snow Virgin (J98/Fear Itself(I guess I could give ya a little credit for Icy Virgin)) @BrightPowder- Special Sweeper

Timid Nature
Snow Cloak
Ice Beam
Shadow Ball
Double Team

Your typical Froslass.

Special Sweeper
@ Miracle Seed
Cloud 9
Modest nature
HP Grass
Hail (Cloud 9 doesn't activate when I do this, right?)

Soaking abuser. HP'em after Soaking. Activate Hail again if I'm about to die. Taunt 'em If it's a wall.

@ Leftovers Fast Wall
Jolly Nature

Typical Mandibuzz. Armed with Taunt to prevent a Taunt on me. Protect + Toxic abuse=fatality. Roost makes this vulture even more annoying.

Sno Conez! @Wise Glasses Special Sweeper
Modest Nature
Energy Ball/Shadow Ball
Ice Beam

Lots o' Coverage Here.

Rape @ Focus Sash Physical Sweeper
Swords Dance
Night Slash
Ice Punch
Brick Break

Extremely fast Physical Sweeper. Kills on contact most of the time.

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Abomasnow: Good, but why use Ice Beam when you're in the hial? Blizzard would work better, and it has a 1/4 chance of breaking through Protect/Detect!
Froslass: Remember Double TEam and BrightPowder are banned. Try Destiny Bond to wreck strategies and stuff. Give it Wise Glasses instead. If you're doing Wi-Fi, then good. Adding Snow Cloak to BrightPowder to Double Team, those moves are gonna be missing ;D
Golduck: Sadly, Cloud 9 does activate, otherwise Golduck would be used more in hail teams. Replace it with Surf so you don't actually get stuck with a Fire Type!!!!!
Vullaby: 3 precautions. 1: REmember that Roost makes you lose the Flying type. 2: Also remember that an Ice type with Blizzard could break through Protect in the hail (1/4 chance). Don't let the weather be used against you! 3. Make sure you invest EVs in HP for more healing.
Castform: Again, Blizzard beats Ice BEam in the hail. Use Energy Ball for coverage against Rock types.
Weavile: Not so sure about Swords DAnce, even with Focus Sash. Priority will destroy you, so instead of Swords Dance, how about Aerial Ace?

Overall: I like it, but you have too many Special Attackers and only one physical: Weavile, so be mindful of that. Great team!

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My bad, bright powder is banned? aww.... That sucks about Golduck, how it activate C9 when I use hail myself. Good idea.
And it's a Mandibuzz, btw. The blizzard glitch is only in D/P, read it on bulbapedia. It has overcoat, anyway.