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Ability=Shell Armor
Item=Shell Bell
Ev=252 HP/136 Def/116Sp.Def
Sing=Puts foe's pokemon to sleep
Dream Eater=Drain life-Gain Life =D
Toxic=Watch foe's pokemon die while behind a Substitute
ROLE=He does a nice wall while being also a staller.First he set's up sing then a sub if foe's pokemon are still sleeping use toxic averwise use sing again and if lose a little bit of life dream eater is there to eat your life.Shell Armor is there to protect against crits.

Ability=Cloud Nine
Item=Splash Plate
Ev=255 Sp.Attack/255 Speed
Hydro Pump=Good water move also STAB
Focus Blast=emm i suppose is a elettric coverage over dig or is it better....
Ice Beam=Good for coverage against grass
Flash=Cuts foe's accuracy.
ROLE=For me based on it's ev is an Fast Sp.Sweeper and that's my opinion.Hydro pump if for damage and it get's STAB as well Focus Blast not so sure Ice Beam is for coverage from grass types and flash for less chances that the foe can attack.I was thinking that I can put dig over Focus Blast beacuse it has coverage,anyway you are going to help me in that... I hope.

Abilty=Serene Grace
Ev=252 Sp.Attack/252 Sp.Defense/6 Speed
Aura Sphere=Does great coverage from 2x effective types like rock and ice
Facade/Protect= don't now which one to choose
Air Slash=Good flying move
Wish=recover some HP and works great with substitute
ROLE=He is practically a beast when speaking in Special stats and therefore he is an Sp.Sweeper and Sp.Attack.Aura Sphere is for coverage from rock and ice,Facade for when there's an added effect Air Slash good move for togekiss and Wish for healing up with a little help by protect.

Ability=Not Sure
Ev=252 HP/252 Sp.Attack/6 Speed
Baton Pass=Passes on stat changes or something like that
Calm Mind=This is not for him =D This for my squad
Substitute=Set it up and then......
ROLE:As you can see it has the move Baton Pass which it makes it a Baton Passer.Calm Mind is for my Golduck.On the first turn he set's up the substitute and then on the second he uses protect and the he starts the progress of Calm Minding and then he wil use the baton pass on golduck and then BOOM.

I call this set the Sword Set because:
Sword Dance=Boost its Attack moves
Leaf Blade=Probably the best grass type move its a shame that only same grass type pokemon can learn it
Sacred Sword=The obvious move for these trio (Terrakion,Cobalion and Virizion).
Giga Drain=Health move
ROLE:"She" (I call "SHE" because she resembles a female pokemon more then a male one) is my Sp.Tank thought it has a lot of weaknesses but still a good pokemon.
NOTE:You can only change the moveset on Virizion But not the rest like Nature ev because you only have one Virizion.

Item=Flame Plate
Flamethrower=Good move and gives STAB.
Overheat=Good move and gives STAB but lowers Sp.Attack but no problem
U-Turn=Don't know why
Substitute=Still don't know why
ROLE:My special attacker and yeah it needs a lot of work.Same as Virizion that you can't change nature or ev.

NOTE=Unfortunately i can't change the normal abilities to the dream world ability because i don't now hot activate your account it says that i need my parent to registre and i've done that but then it says that my parent needs to activate the account with another parent account....WHOA!!!!!!!!

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And before anyone points out moltres, almost every pokemon has Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Scald, waterfall, Thunderbolt, Volt Switch, etc in their movepool. That makes Banded Scizor an easy lure to bait the bird and switch in Swampert....just saying....
This team would get absolutely slaughtered in OU.
Oh yeah. my AmbiShao team would 6-0 this team with at least 3 OHKOs. Scizor by itself could shred 2/3 of this team.
In fact, 5/6 could be one or 2HKO'd by Scizors moveset.

- U-Turn
- Pursuit
- Bullet Punch
- Superpower

and its Banded. Moltres is about the only thing i would refuse to keep Scizor in against based on typing. ny only reason for switching out would be Choice Locked into a resisted move.
Blissey used charge beam.
Virizion? Blissey used flamethrower.

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