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Hello, LeBoss here with his crappy teams. Anyways, get your umbrella's out, put your raincoats on, cause it's gonna Drizzle(get it? xP) up in here.

Quick Preview of ze team:

Trolling Stones (Ferrothorn):
enter image description here
Ability: Iron Barbs
Item: Leftovers
Nature: Impish
EV's: 252 HP, 252 Def, 4 Atk

  • Thunder Wave
  • Stealth Rock
  • Leech Seed
  • Power Whip

Well, thanks to SlipperyDevil, i decided to use this guy and troll back. Thunder Wave is to help out Volcarona set up (if it hasn't already) or let Dragonite/Bisharp come to finish them off. Stealth Rock are my hazards, nuff said. Leech Seed is to get some recovery, with Chansey's and Blissey's running (sorry, rolling) all over OU. Power Whip is so i don't become Taunt bait. This dude can also sponge in all types of physical attacks (if they are not Fire types) and proceed to troll.

Policetoed (Politoed):
enter image description here
Ability: Drizzle
Item: Choice Scarf
Nature: Timid
EV's: 252 SAtk, 252 Spe, 4 HP

  • Focus Blast
  • Hydro Pump
  • Ice Beam
  • Hidden Power (Grass)

Rain setter, duh. Scarfed cause he's boss, and needs to kill some stuff. Focus Blast is for Coverage. Hydro Pump just rapes in the rain. Ice Beam helps me against non-boosted and non-scarfed Dragons + the Therian formes + Gliscor. HP Grass is nice against them Water types and the pesky Gastrodon. Pretty basic set.

Report Bug (Volcarona):
enter image description here
Ability: Flame Body
Item: Leftovers
Nature: Modest
EV's: 252 SAtk, 252 Spe, 4 SDef

  • Quiver Dance
  • Hurricane
  • Bug Buzz
  • Fiery Dance

Rainy Bug and my counter to Sun/Hail teams. Quiver Dance is for them epic Sweeps. At +2, nobody but Heatran is gonna be staying alive. Hurricane in the Rain is a blessing and a curse. Bug Buzz is STAB and ruins pokes such a Sableye and Psychic Types for me. And since this guy is a Fire type, why not add a Fire move (LeBoss logic)? Fiery Dance is great, as it's STAB, rapes oppsoing Ferrothorn's/Forretress', and 99% time gives me a SAtk boost, cause, y'know, im a haxy guy.

Japanese Porn star (Tentacruel):
enter image description here
Ability: Liquid Ooze
Item: Black Sludge
Nature: Calm
EV's: 248 HP, 244SDef, 16 Spe

  • Rapid Spin
  • Toxic
  • Scald
  • Substitute

Nothing special about this guy. Just here to spin, troll, and recover HP. Rapid Spin is for removing them hazards that my team is kinda weak to. Toxic just trolls. Scald is STAB, and great to burn Ferro's, and hit crap in my way. Substitute is just baws, and lets me troll around with Scald, and hope for a burn, if i haven't used toxic yet. Liquid Ooze is to troll them Trollathorns that LOVE Leech seed.

Orange Barney (Dragonite):
enter image description here
Ability: Multiscale
Item: Leftovers
Nature: Adamant
EV's: 248 HP, 252 Atk, 8 SDef

  • Dragon Dance
  • Earthquake
  • Dragon Claw
  • Waterfall

Only your typical Physical rapist. Dragon Dance is for the laughs/trolls/(insert another non-related thing to boosting)/to outspeed people/to watch people panic at dat scary attack stat. Earthquake is to kill crap. Dragon Claw is my... (drumrole)..... STAB! and my move against any other dragons. Waterfall is Rain abise, and helpful vs Air Balloon Heatran's.

Scrap Metal (Metagross):
enter image description here
Ability: Clear Body
Item: Life Orb
Nature: Jolly
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 Atk / 4 HP

  • Agility
  • Meteor Mash
  • Earthquake
  • Zen Headbutt

Well, a typical Agility + 3 attacks set. Agility is to boost faster than a Dragonite, Haxorus, and predictions when i think a Chlorophyll Venasaur will come in the sun. Meteor Mash is my STAB and everything, and that attack boost just makes my day better and another person's day worse. Earthquake Kills Heatran & Jirachi, my 2 biggest walls to Metagross if i ran Ice Punch. Zen Headbutt is for Gengar, Venasaur, or anything i will risk my luck with and go for a 20% to flinch something. Also, this set helps me fully take care of Blissey/Chansey, but hates Ferrothorn.

Previously, i had Bisharp instead of Metagross. Snatch worked great, but after a couple of fights, people started to realize what i was running, and refused to set up on me, and just attacked. Due to that, i went to Metagross, something i could rely on anytime i needed him. Also, DDance > T-Wave on Dragonite, as i needed the extra power.

Well, Monsoon season isn't over, so go ask Rihanna for her umbrella or something.
Show's over guys and girls, welcome to Jackass.

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Lol, shaddup xP
Timid > Modest on Volcarona.
Your descriptions are worse than mine o.O
cause these aren't the final descriptions .3.
ha youre welcome for the need to use Ferro in the Rain... and btw i hated this team... Snatch... xP

... and the move Bisharp carries by the same name :)

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