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This is the pokemon team i have came up with for Link from the Legend of Zelda!

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Type: Psychic/ Fighting
Gender: Male
Ability: Justified
Role: Physical Sweeper
Item: Life Orb
Nature: Brave
IV: Likes to fight
EV: Attack
Moves: Psycho Cut, X-Scissor, Close Combat, Swords Dance

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Type: Grass
Gender: Male
Ability: Contrary
Role: Special Sweeper
Item: Focus Sash
Nature: Mild
IV: Often lost in thought
EV: Special Attack
Moves: Frenzy Plant, Calm Mind, Energy Ball, Mirror Coat

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Type: Fire
Gender: Female
Ability: Flame Body
Role: Speedy Sweeper
Item: Charcoal
Nature: Hasty
IV: Likes to run
EV: Speed
Moves: Flare Blitz, Mega Horn, Wild Charge, Poison Jab

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Type: Normal/ Flying
Gender: Male
Ability: Keen Eye
Role: Physical Sweeper
Item: Sitrus Berry
Nature: Adamant
IV: A little quick tempered
EV: Attack
Moves: Brave Bird, Hone Claws, Super Power, Crush Claw

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Type: Dark
Gender: Male
Ability: Quick Feet
Role: Physical Sweeper
Item: Dark Gem
Nature: Naughty
IV: Proud of it's power
EV: Attack
Moves: Crunch, Super Fang, Shadow Ball, Ice Fang

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Type: Electric
Gender: Male
Ability: Guts
Role: Physical Sweeper
Item: Electric Gem
Nature: Brave
IV: Likes to fight
EV: Attack
Moves: Wild Charge, Fire Fang, Swift, Night Slash

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this looks like an RU team
I need to know about evs ;_;
^ To learn about EVs read the stuff on this link ==> http://pokemondb.net/ev

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Their good pokemon, yes. But the moves are terrible.
Let's start with gallade.
It has a 2x weakness for flying, so I suggest you teach him Stone Edge,
Thunderbolt, or Rock Tomb.
And yet again he has a 2x weakness for ghost. So
I think you should teach him Shadow ball
Other moves you should have are Close combat for STAB
STAB is Same-type attack bonus.
The next move is Swords dance to power up gallades close combat.
I also recommend you have him holding one of these items
Sitrus berry, to restore its health when its almost dead.
Black belt To boost its close combat attack.
Fighting gem Only one use, I don't recommend it but you can use it.
Fist plate To power up close combat, again.
Leftovers To restore his hp little by litte.

Now that where Done, with gallade.
Let's move on to Serperior.
Serperior has a 2x weakness for fire, so lets start with that.
Aqua Tail It can be learned by a move tutor in black 2 .
Aqua tail will really cover your fire weakness by a lot.
Along with serperiors speed it should go first, unless the fire type
is faster. Now, serperior has a 2x weakness for ice types.
So I recommend you teach serperior Iron Tail/Rock Smash Since
Ice types have a weakness for steel. Next serperior has a weakness for
bug types, so I suggest Aerial ace. It will also cover for grass weakness too.
Now you might want to teach serperior one of these three moves.
Frenzy plant ( MEGA STAB BONUS ) Since it has 150 power.
Energy ball ( STAB ) But not that much power, or
Leaf storm ( STAB )
Now that you have your stab moves in place, I think you should
give it some items,
I think you should give it
Sitrus berry For when it gets weak.
Leftovers to restore hp little by little.
Grass gem To boost your grass type moves.
Meadow Plate Again, to boost your grass type moves.
Miracle seed I strongly suggest you use the miracle seed instead of
any other boosting item.

Now that where done with serperiors moveset we can move on to Rapidash's moveset.
It doesn't do very well against ground type attacks, infact they do 2x damage ( Super
effective. ) So I think one of rapidash's moves should be Solarbeam To deal with the
ground type. The next move You should have is Sunny day To support the solar beam
and up your fire-type moves. The next move is Fire blast For ( STAB )
Oh, did I mention solar beam will also cover water types and Rock types?
If you want to take out water types quicker teach it Wild Charge
Some items I suggest you give it:
Focus sash Incase a ground/water/rock type kos your rapidash,
Since rapidash's defense isn't great, it should fit well.
Charcoal To boost the power of your fire blast + sunny day
I must say, the fire blast is something I wouldn't want to go up against
since I mostly use ice types.
Fire gem To boost your fire type moves.
Flame plate To boost the power of your fire blast.

Next is your pokemon Braviary.
It has a really big weakness for ice types, so one move I suggest strongly is
SuperPower for ice types, and rock types.
The second move I suggest is Brave bird/Sky Attack ( STAB )
Braviary also has a weakness for electric types, But sadly there are NO moves to
cover it. The third move I recommend is Roost to heal yourself right after
brave bird or if your in danger. The fourth and Final move for braviary I suggest is WhirlwindWhy whirlwind? Because lets say you find a pokemon you have no chance against,What will you do then? You can also teach it u-turn instead of whirlwind if you want. Some items I think that braviary should be holding are
Power Herb ( ONLY IF YOU HAVE SKY ATTACK. ) This power herb
cancels your charge of sky attack and lets you use sky attack right off the bat.
Sadly the power herb is a one time use only.
Flying gem To boost your flying type attacks.
Sharp Beak Boosts the power of flying type moves a lot.
Sky plate Again, to boost the power of flying type moves.
Black belt To boost the power of superpower.
Sitrus berry just in case if braviary is about to faint.
Leftovers To restore hp little by little.

Good, where done with braviary.
The next pokemon is Mightyena ( God, I love mightyena!!! )
The first move is Fire fang To help you against bug type weaknesses
( I love how I just realize how I spelled weaknesses wrong this whole time. )
The next move is Hyper Beam To IMMEDIATELY destroy fighting types.
Next I suggest you teach him Dark Pulse for STAB
And his final move I think you should teach him Swagger to confuse him,
This can come in really good if your opponent has high attack.
It raises his attack even more, but when he hurts himself in confusion
It will really hurt himself because all his attack points.
I have no idea what to give mightyena, Just give him a sitrus berry or something.

Now finally, Luxray.
Luxray is a good pokemon, only has one weakness. Ground.
To get rid of the ground pokemon I think you should teach the luxray
Ice Fang to take out the ground pokemon, considering that grounds weakness is
ice. The next move I suggest you should have is Superpower Incase you come
into a rock type. My third move suggestion is Wild Charge For (STAB)
The fourth move I think it should have is Swagger Same reason as
mightyena. Some items I recommend are,
I only recommend leftovers, thats all i ever give my luxrays.

I am finished, I hope this helps you!

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you just made this team worse
This kid XD...I love this kid...sorry if I'm necroposting but omg that's just...*vomits*