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Weavile @ Focus Sash (LVL 100) (Male)
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Ability: Pressure

Naive Nature (+Speed, -Sp. Def)
Likes to Relax

-Brick Break
-Night Slash
-Swords Dance
-Ice Shard

Attack: 282-I know, it sucks :(
Defense: 149
Sp. Atk: 120
Sp.Def: 183
Speed: 379 :)

Any ideas? It's attack is pretty low which is why I gave it SD to sort of "make up" for it's bad attack. I think it might be better used as a scout of some sort. Maybe a lead taunter? Any ideas? Thanks for the input (to anyone who comments)!

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"Full teams only: In general this means 6 Pokemon for 6v6 singles. Doubles teams would be 4 Pokemon. If you don't have a 6th Pokemon then put something in and say you are not sure about it and would like more suggestions." - http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/rules
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OK, it's not bad, actually, but here's a few ideas.

Focus Sash isn't a bad idea on Weavile, but you may want to consider a boosting item such as Life Orb or Expert Belt. That said, Focus Sash will let you set up more easily, so it's your choice.

May I suggest removing any EVs in Special Attack with Berrys, and putting those EVs in Attack and Speed?

Brick Break doesn't cover anything that threatens Weavile but Steel Types. So let's go with Fake Out. The flinch-inducing move will allow you to do damage before setting up SD. Fake Out will go better with a Life Orb set.

Weavile doesn't make the best scouter, but a revenge killer/sweeper may be a good idea for you. Try this set:

@ Focus Sash
252 Speed, 252 Attack, 4 HP
Ice Shard
Punishment(For Pokemon with Moxie, or set up sweepers)/Night Slash

There you go. And remember, if all else fails, you can make your Weavile a Special Sweeper and go with Foul Play and Swagger.

Hope I helped, GL!

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Thanks! That might actually work. I wasn't so sure about retaliate, in case I face a steel type. I can't get any berries, but I wish I could, really. Retaliate is double damage if an ally just fainted, correct? That could be useful. I would be worried about steel types, but I'd have to switch out. 1 more thing: is retaliate worth using without the ally just fainted boost? In case I came across a Heracross, should I use ice shard or retaliate? *edit* any good teammates for Weavile? Should I go with a Fire-Type to counter Heracross and those Steel-Types?
Retaliate has decent base power without the boost, but if you expect to see Heracross in your battles, Ice Shard may work better. Oh, and Punishment is good for Heracross too, because many of them carry Moxie Ability.
Fire Types are good for Weavile, just beware of Rock Types. To be honest, that Infernape you posted earlier may be a good teammate for this Weavile. To complete the team, add a bulky Special Attacker and you should be set.
BTW, in Black and White2 you can get EV reducing Berrys from a woman on Route 5.
Awesome, thanks! Only problem with my FlashFlare (Infernape) is that he isn't allowed on Random Wifi ( I really don't know why ), and I have White, not White 2 :( I can't seem to figure out how to get them in the Pokemon Dream World. I really have been trying to get help with my Infernape though. He isn't able to get on Wifi and I'm really sad about it.