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So I made this team recently and I don't know what pokemon should I add for the last two spots and i'm also not sure about some moves and items so i accept any suggestions or inprovements :(

Ok so her's the team so far:

Lucario @ Air Ballon
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Jolly
EV: 252 Atk, 252 speed , 6 HP
Moveset: Swords Dance , Close Combat , ExtremeSpeed , Crunch

Roserade @ Black Sludge
Ability: Natural Crue
Nature: Timid
EV: 252 speed, 252 sp.Atk , 6 HP
Moveset: Sleep Powder (witch proven to be pretty accurate) , Giga Drain , Sludge Bomb , Leech Seed (shoud I replace it with Shadow Ball?)

Garchomp @ Life orb
Ability: either one of it's ability since i'm not running a sand storm team
Nature: Adamant
EV: 252 speed, 252 Atk , 6 HP
Moveset: Earthquake , Rock Slide , Fire fang , Dragon Claw(shoud I replace it with another dragon type move ???)

Jellicent @ Leftovers
Ability: Water absorb
Nature: Calm
EV: 252 HP , 36 Def , 220 SpD
Moveset: Recover , Surf (or Scald???) , Shadow Ball (or Ice beam?) , Toxic( or Will-O-Wisp ?)

I REALLY need help :(
THNX in advance

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You should switch rock slide on garchomp for stone edge.
You should use shadow ball instead of sludge bomb on roserade. Poison type isn't very good offensively.
Poison is good for coverage on fairy though.

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well, moveset wise, your lucario looks good. for roserade, keep leech seed, because leech seed-sleep powder is a good combo. Garchomp also looks good. Jellicent should have shadow ball(STAB) and will-o-wisp, for the attack lowerations of burn(HAH! you'd better have burn heal).
EV wise they all seem fine to me. up speed and attack/spattack is always a good thing to have.
as for the last two pokemon.... thats up to you. you might want to look into an ice-killer. yeas you have lucario, but garchomp is your best fighter, so you probably dont want to lose him to a strong ice type before you need garchomp to take another dragon type. i would reccomend a strong rock type(even though every type ever invented seems to kill rock) to boost the average defense of the team(which isnt all that high) and get rid of those ice types.

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I was thinking maybe a fire type ??  but I don't know who?? i'm torn between hetran , chandelure and volcarona??? can you suggest a good fire type plz? thnx
yea, you do need a fire type...i didnt notice that before. if you are looking for a anti-ice type, heatran would deffenetly be your best choice. for just straight up power, use chandelure(highest spatt of any nonlegendary...) u aslo might need a ghost type because jellicent is your only anti-ghost. And lastly volcarona. in my opinion the best of the three, but maybe not in this case. your choice, but i reccomend either chandelure or heatran.
So it's either heatran or chandelure .hmm... What about the last spot??
hmm.....water could be a problem, especcially if it has an ice move... but, i think your biggest problem is any fast physic types. an alakazam, as frail as they are, could be a problem for you...
actually I created a new team but i'm missing one pokemon . Check it out http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/rmt/17776/who-should-be-my-sixth-pokemon-i-cant-decide