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Please note, this is a follow up of my trolling team question. I've decided to go less strategy, and more Hyper Offensive due to the sudden turn of events that my friend that I was planning on trolling told me that he was gonna use the Elemental Birds and Dogs, at lvl55. He might be lying, but a stronger team never hurts ............

Tyranitar, Sweeper, ev: Speed & attack
Ability: as long it's not sand stream
Stone Edge
possibly sandstorm

Tentacruel,Poison, ev trained in HP & Speed
ability: clear body
Toxic Spikes
Poison Jab
Icy Wind

Blissey, tank/urmom,ev: Speed & Defense
ability: Serene Grace(might not be the best ever, but i only have on Chansey...)
Two of the Elemental 120bp moves

Lucario,sweeper, ev:idk, since it's already lvl 55, i can't train it at the moment.
ability: Inner Focus
Dragon Pulse
Force Palm
Aura Sphere
Iron Defense/Extremespeed

Jumpluff, Troller( Status),ev: defense & Special Defense
ability: Chlorophyll
Sleep Powder
Leech seed
Stun Spore
direct attack

Haven't decided on the last one yet.....

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What do you mean by EV training in just one stat? You can get maximum EVs in 2 stats (252 each) then 1 stat leftover(4 EVs). If you don't quite understand EVs go here:
Is it good now?

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tyranitar-if you dont want sandstream why is one of your moves 'possibly sandstorm'?you should replace it with crunch.

tentaqruel-its good

blissey-you dont need speed EV swap it for hp.instead of the two elemental moves go for toxic and protect and instead of sing swap it for wish or softboiled.

lucario-you dont need iron defense just leave extreme speed and instead of force palm you could do psychic or dark pulse.

jumpluff-replace stun spore for toxic and and for the last move do gigadrain or energyball.

and for your last pokemon a good one would be jolteon-
EVs-speed+special attack
signalbeam or hypervoice.

hope you will take my advice.

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I don't want sandstream, but I might get sandstorm, because I want to control when I use sandstorm.
I also only have one toxic tm, so :P. I'm also keeping force palm, since it's just kinda cool.
Tyranitar didn't get Unnerve until Gen 5 via DW so the only ability it can have will be Sand Stream.
Nope. My Poopatar has shed skin