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the last question was bad massed up and incorrect s im sorry :)

anyways again im planning a team that can counter every possible weather and there goes :

(BTW the order i wrote the pokemon isent the order of how the team is gonna look )

kabutops (top'chop)
item: life orb
nature : impish
abilety: swift swim
item :life orb
ev spread : 252 Atk / 156 Def / 100 Spd
moveset :

aqua jet-STAB priorety

stone edge-STAB

swords dance-boost

x scissor-coverege

charizard (blaze)
item: leftovers
nature: timid
abilety : solar power
ev spread: 252 speed ; 252 special attack
moveset :

flamethrower -STAB

dragon pulse-verity


solar beam-coverge and use of the foes sunshine

espeon (asIPonU)
nature: timid
item:focus sash
abilety:magic bounce
ev spread:252 speed/ 80 special defence/178 special attack


calm mind-boost


shadow ball-coverege

regice (icecold)
item:wide lens
abilety: ice body
ev spread:128 Def / 128 SAtk / 252 SDef
moveset :

gravity-aside for neutrallizing levitation it decrases all pokemons evasion by 2 stages

zap cannon-awsomnes


focus blast-coverege

excadrill (Xdriller)
nature: admant
item: air baloon
abilety: sand rush
ev spread: 252 speed/ 252 attack

rock slide-great move


swords dance-boost

x scissors-verity

lickilicky (lickstar)
item:muscle band
abilety:cloud nine
ev spread: 248 HP/252 attack/4defence/4 special defence
moveset :

explosion-last resort STAB

earthquake-best move ever !

power whip-awsome move

zen headbutt-coverege

i need suggestions for what pokemon to switch maybe other movesets and overall i need your opinion

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Add DT's Gastrodon. Also, give someone Hail, that way you can remove the weather.
I suggest you put Lickilicky first. So you can wipe out their weather.

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Good, but replace life orb with choice scarf or focus sash, max out speed Ev's, and replace swords dance with waterfall as Kabutops is very frail and will be easily taken down even in the rain.

No suggestions, awesome

Pretty good but you might want to consider this pokemon

Reuniclus @ life orb
Trait: magic guard
Ev's: 252 spatk / 128 def / 128 spdef
Nature : modest
Weather Killer
Focus blast/ recover
Energy ball

Wonder guard guards against hail and sandstorm, while focus blast KO's abomasnow, and recover is to heal from damage. energy ball kills hippopotas, and t-bolt wipes out politoed.

Pretty good, just change the EV's to 252 def / 128 spdef / 128 spatk

change swords dance to hone claws, you'll need the accuracy and power boost for rock slide.

For a true weather killer, replace zen headbutt and explosion with thunderpunch and brick break, and use these EV's: 128 def and spdef , 126 hp and atk

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WONDER GUARD? How does Reuniclus have Wonder Guard?
oops, i meant magic guard