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Here you can post the Pokemon you wish to be looked at, and comments will be placed under with a rate, to prevent further clogging of the RMT.

Do not post standard movesets in this thread, or your post will be downvoted and hidden.

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I'm sorry about all the RMT questions guys... I'm gonna try going on the Smogon website now.
Am I aloud to make a Mega Thread like this? Because eventually it'll end up on the second page, and nobody will look at it.
Give ambipom aerial ace, with technician that boosts its power by 50% making it have 90 base power and never misses . So its equivalent to aura sphere.
 I think arcanine should have flare blitz instead of fire fang, and wild charge instead of thunder fang. Both take recoil damage but re great moves for a sweeper.Flamethrower should replace extreme speed it is more powerful and special coverage. And give it solar beam to cover rock, ground and water types, but also teach something else sunny day because then solarbeam takes one turn instead of two. Extreme speed isn't a good choice because there are better physical moves that arcanine can learn, plus its normal type.
Give  a different pokemon protect and leftovers, something other than espeon. The two make a good combo but  not for espeon.
 Give it future sight, it attacks later but it has 100 accuracy and 120 power, then I would recommend Psychic, and dazzling gleam ( for dark type coverage). But I also like calm mind and stored power on espeon, plus baton pass , but just recommendations. I like your other pokemon and their move sets though.
this thread is for people to post single pokemon to be rated. If you wish to answer, you post a comment not an answer. I have no particular idea what to do with your answer since you shoved several different of the pokemon into one answer, so I've converted it onto the question. Mod's do something if this is wrong. :L
Do you still read and rate any sets anymore.

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