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Volcarona Lv. 100 HP 318 Attack 167 Defense 164 Sp. Atk 307 Sp. Def 250 Speed 226
Ability - Flame Body
Docile Nature
Item - Flame Plate
Bug Buzz
Fiery Dance
Quiver Dance

Bisharp Lv. 83 HP 234 Attack 253 Defense 204 Sp. Atk 155 Sp. Def 126 Speed 150
Ability - Defiant
Rash Nature
Item - Scope Lens
Brick Break
Thunder Wave
Iron Head
Rock Polish

Metagross Lv. 81 HP 235 Attack 277 Defense 267 Sp. Atk 182 Sp. Def 159 Speed 152
Ability - Clear Body
Lax Nature
Item - Mind Plate
Meteor Mash
Sludge Bomb
Double Team

Hydreigon Lv. 81 HP 266 Attack 219 Defense 181 Sp. Atk 235 Sp. Def 171 Speed 192
Ability - Levitate
Docile Nature
Item - Dragon Fang
Stone Edge
Dragon Pulse
Hidden Power (Ghost)
Charge Beam

Froslass Lv. 83 HP 237 Attack 174 Defense 125 Sp. Atk 146 Sp. Def 146 Speed 197
Ability - Snow Cloak
Adamant Nature
Item - Toxic Orb
Ice Shard

Samurott Lv. 88 HP 302 Attack 258 Defense 169 Sp. Atk 196 Sp. Def 143 Speed 166
Ability - Torrent
Adamant Nature
Item - Leftovers
Swords Dance

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Dude, your volcarona needs to know bug buzz. Extremely important. You might also want to give it quiver dance. Get rid of Fly and a fire move of your choice. And max out Defense EV's with Iron if you haven't already.
Bisharp needs Iron Defense instead of Swords Dance due to its nature. T-Wave (Thunder Wave) instead of X scissor, instead of toxic, iron head or night slash, and brick break is fine.
Metagross needs its Sp. Def. Maxed out with Zinc, and needs Earthquake, Iron Defense, and Zen Headbutt instead of Psychic, Sludge Bomb, and Double Team. (If you think he has enough defense already, keep double team. You don't HAVE to have iron defense.)
Hydreigon is mostly good...you don't HAVE to change anything, but I gave mine Charge Beam so it could damage yet raise Sp. Attack. If you want to replace anything on it, replace Stone Edge or U-Turn. I also put Fire Blast on mine for power.
Frosslass-The only thing that needs changed here is that it needs Ice Shard so it can finish foes of without you risking a hit. Get rid of Attract. Plus, Ice Shard is physical, and gets STAB (Same-Type-Attack-Bonus.)
Samurott-Only thing here is... you might want Aqua Tail instead of Return just in case you need more power for any reason. Max out both types of defense EV's.

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With my Samurott, I really don't need Aqua Tail, when I have Waterfall which also has a high chance to flinch the opponent, but with Return... I might switch that with Night Slash... And the reason why I have Froslass knowing the moves it knows is because of it's Adamant Nature. Yes, I do agree with you that it has to get rid of Attract with Ice Shard, but I think Hail is a necessity for it because of its ability. And I really think you are right about Bisharp, haha. he really does need a work-over. Toxic I will, yes, change with Thunder Wave. But, with Swords Dance I will probably teach it Rock Polish because it's speed isn't that great.
btw items like iron and zinc can only give the first 100 ev's in any stat so you cant use them to max out.
Dude, this was my second answer ever....why now?