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This is a 5th gen only 2v2 tournament, so I am wondering if this is a good team, and which is better, a reuniclus(trickroom and anti fighting) or a volcarona (anti steel/grass problem)

here is the team:

1.Gigalith: 252 attack/252 defence
stone edge/rock slide
rock polish/stealth rock/protect/sandstorm(any two of these, or something else)
nature: adamant and ability sturdy(what item should he have?)

2.Eelektross: 252 HP/252 attack
dragon tail
wild charge
nature: adamant (he has leftovers for wild charge)

3.golurk: 252 HP/252 Attack
hammer arm
gyro ball
earth quake
last move is open to discussion(maybe stone edge)
ability: iron fist, relaxed nature(wanted brave, but this will do didn't have a brave abra/raltz/elgyen)

4.Haxorus: 252 attack/252 speed
dragon claw/outrage (which is better for this team or Haxorus?)
earthquake(this WILL be changed due to pokemon being weak, and Eelektross being hit by it)
brick break
dragon dance
ability and nature: Adamant again, mold breaker

5.Ferrothorn 232 defence/ 232 Sp.defence/ 44 attack
Gyro ball
Seed bomb
Leech Seed
iron barbs+rocky helmet, and once again Adamant for stronger seed bomb, this is dependant on using Curse.

(this may be swapped, but all are up to change TBO)
Volcarona: don't know what EV's yet...
Reunclus: Trick room in there,a nd ofcourse Stab psychic somewhere.

Thank you for reading, I hope you can give me tips onto improing the teams items and moves, and even help me decide which pokemon is best.

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This is a pretty good trick room team, I would use reuniclus. haxorus is backup in case trick room is used up or if there is a problem:)
Ty aleX, I think I will use him, most pokemon in gen 5 are slow, so that works well, too bad this may help my foe.
tyt all for the comments.
I know....they all have great sweeping potential, but the speed is just terrible!
yeah, the speed is pretty bad, but haxorus is too good for a trick room team! im going to have to re-train it with lower speed maybe, should i do that?
the VGC is soon, so i better get a responce! :P
I would suggest Volcarona, and heres why:
[email protected] Heat Rock
Flame Body
not sure about evs

Sunny day-power and supports solar beam
Solar Beam-covers weakness
Heatwave-Power move (or do they call it STAB?)
Quiver Dance-Raise stats

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These movesets have already all been asked. It's always a good idea to use the search function for moveset questions, as almost all of them have been asked.

Don't replace earthquake on your Haxorus. If you're pairing it with your Eelektross, it won't matter, since Eelektross has the ability Levitate.

Ferrothorn is a great lead and staller. Go with Curse, Leech Seed, Gyro Ball, and Stealth Rocks. If they lead with a fire type, just switch out and set up the Stealth Rocks later. As a staller, Ferrothorn works great. It can take hits, and all the while you can Curse it up, raising attack, defense, and lowering speed. This works great with Gyro Ball, and it's stabbed.

Go with Reuniclus, for lack of a special sweeper and a wall. It resists a lot and can take some hits, and give it a life orb. With the ability Magic Guard, it doesn't take damage from the Life Orb.

All the other movesets are okay, but if you want to you can choose one from the links provided.

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I have used these, but I needed to know what would work in a 2v2, these move sets are great, I used them in the examples above, but they seem more for 1v1, so my question stands, how well will these do in 2v2?
also, levitate doesn't cancel out earthqueak becuase of mold breaker on my haxorus.
ty soooooooooo much for the info on reunclus, its a good thing I got pokemon white :D I actually have nothing much on reunclus, but ferro thorn is weak to fire though as a leader, and I need something against psichic types, any cue on what I should do? oh and I have a big problem against fighting types ATM, should the new jello deal with this?
Just to add, Ferrothorn should have max HP EVs because its defense and special defense is already very high. If you want that 44 Attack then the full spread would be: 252 HP, 44 Atk, 106 Def, 106 SpDef.
Reuniclus is pretty bulky. EV train it in Special Defense and Special Attack. IF you want to, you can give it trick room since most of your pokemon are kind of slow (except for haxorus). Could work well with Trick Room, and if you run out, your Haxorus can sweep with Outrage. And these movesets are good for 2v2, but be sure to tweak things to fit your needs, and make sure you account for 4 pokemon on the field at a time. It all depends on your battle style.

Also, you can give an Air Balloon to your Eelektross if you don't want it to get hit by your Haxorus' Earthquake. Honestly, I wouldn't delete it. EQ is a great move on Haxorus, because of it's good coverage and Good Base Attack.
i'm back, and time is short until the VCG, so I need a quick responce to these questions!(please lol)
1. what should gigaliths last move 2 moves be(this is top priority)
2.should i swap gorulr for someting better? hes not got good synergy with the team, although he is similiar
3.EQ kills eelektross, so should he learn protect instead of have a baloon? or is the baloon better? or are left-overs better? say which is best!

thanks a bundle in return!
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Teach your ferrothorn curse because that its speed is lowered doesn't matter because his speed sucks anyway and this will make gyro ball stronger plus you can just give it quick claw

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Don't give it quick claw it has A 1/10 chance of activating leftovers regain hp so are good for a tank Pokemon like ferrothorn or rocky helmet that Meens contact moves will do 1/4 hp
Never give quick claw to pokemon it's chances of working are very low plus it's a trick room team so it's not needed because slow Pokemon go first due to t room
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Your gigalith should have a quick claw and sone edge for a great STAB.Your haxorus should have a pisim berry and outrage so you cant get confused. Also vocarona should have ability modest and ev train its speed and special attack.

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