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Okay here's FenaFox's team of some of the new Pokémon

Team Preview
(And they will STAB):

@Safety Goggles
- Psyshock
- Psychic
- Mystical Fire
- Flamethrower
EVs: 45HP/252Sp.Atk/20Sp.Def/193Spd
IVs: 29 HP/ 5 Attack/ 30 Defense/ 22 Sp. Atk/ 26 Sp. Def/ 13 Speed
A great Special Attackers with great Speed and good HP. The safety Goggles are great if say a Snover makes it hail, and Delphox won't be hurt by weather, and if the Snover is KO'ed, the next Pokémon will be hit with weather. Timid, makes it Attack low (which Delphox doesn't need) and raises it's Speed (it's second best stat). Psyshock is for weak defenses while Psychic is for weak Special Defenders. Mystical Fire, lowers Sp. Atk and is it's Delphox's specialty move. Flamethrower does great damage and may burn the target.

@Shell Bell
- Seed Bomb
- Low Sweep
- Spiky Shield
- Bulk Up
EVs: 4Hp/ 252Atk/ 252Def
IVs: 20 HP, Defense, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def/ 31 Attack
Opposite of Delphox, but like Aegislash. Great Attacker and Defender. When it inflicts damage on the defending Pokémon and if uses Spiky Shield, it protects it from damage and inflicts damage on the Pokémon that attacked it. Even thought it has low Speed, it may go first or use Low Sweep to lower the defending Pokémon's speed. Seed Bomb does good damage (80).

@Mystical Water
252Atk/ 252Spd/ 4Hp
- Water Shuriken
- Waterfall
- Night Slash
- Power-Up Punch
Attacker & Speeder. Water Shuriken, Waterfall (which are powered up by Mystical water), and Night Slash are for STAB. Power-Up Punch Is to increase Attack.

Stance Change
@Kasib or Kee Berry
- Sword Dance
- Iron Head
- Shadow Claw
- King's Shield
40 HP/ 252 Attack/ 120 Defense/ 98 Sp.Def
An Attacker when you need it, a Defender/ Special Defender when you want it. Normally Aegislash would be KO'ed by ghost type moves, but a Kasib berry may keep it in the game. Sword Dance increases it's Attack, and if it uses King's Shield, it can lower other Pokémon's Attack. Iron Head and Shadow Claw are for STAB and are both pretty good moves (Iron Head can make the defending Pokémon flinch and Shadow Claw has a higher critical hit ratio.


Synchronize --> Pixilate
- Psychic
- Calm Mind
- Moonblast
- Hyper Beam
252Sp.Atk/ 240Sp.Def/ 16Spd
Gardevoir is a Special Attacker and Special Defender. Calm Mind raises it's best two stats (Sp. Attack & Sp. Def). Psychic and Moonblast are for STAB. When it Mega Evolves, it gains Pixilate, which gives Hyper Beam STAB.

@Damp Rock
- Rain Dance
- Outrage
- Power Whip
- Rest
252 Sp. Def/ 252 Attack/ 4 HP
Rain Dance --> Outrage --> Rest; great move set to do great damage then heal without consequences.

So, Goodra works good in a single battle, but in a double battle with Greninja, it's great.

  1. Greninja uses Power-Up Punch to raise its Attack. Goodra does Rain Dance and starts raining.
  2. One of these will happen
    • Goodra does Power Whip to Water, Ground, Rock, and Fairy.
    • Goodra does Outrage to do damage with STAB, especially to Dragons.
    • Goodra does Rest to heal damage.
    • Greninja does Water Shuriken which gets STAB and powered up with rain.
    • Greninja does Waterfall which gets STAB and powered up with rain.
    • Greninja does Night Slash on Psychic and Ghost and gets STAB.
    • Greninja does Power-Up Punch to raise attack.

Types Covered:

Chart of where their stats rank
Pic of what their stats are raised for

Battles: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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I like Shadow claw more because it can do 210 (1/80) but 7/8 of the time it does 105, and shadow sneak only does 60, but it does go first, but I want Damage>Speed with Aegislash. The Kasib berry has saved me afew times.
Berries are usually a bit situational.
You have 2 Greninjas in your Sprite Team thingy xD
That Delphox needs work. Two STAB moves each wont work well enough and Chesnaught doesn't need Spiky Shield. Furthermore, Fire and Rain won't do well and I see a big weakness to Fairy.
Chesnaught + Spiky Shield= Awesome

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