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Ive been testing this team for a while now, and honestly, there are a few poke's in the team that need some MAJOR tweaking, and a few that are final. Without further a due, my team!:

NOTE: All IV's are 31 (Maxed out).

Vaporeon - Leftovers - Impish +Defense -SP.Atk - Sponge/Stall.

Hail - Blizzard hits 100% of the time in hail.
Blizzard - Blizzard hits 100% of the time in hail.
Acid armor - Im using Vap as a stall, SP.D is higher the its defense.
Scald - Chance to inflict a burn, and does a good chunk of damage.

Mismagius - Leftovers - Sweeper/Sponge - Relaxed +Defense -Speed

Nasty Plot - I want acid armor, but only Misdreaveus can learn it. I decided I wanted to be able to do some heavy hitting.
Substitute - Im using this to sponge attacks, and this helps me get my Nasty plots up.
Thunder - I have base SP.ATK of 246, Thunder's base ATK is 120. /nuffsaid.
Shadow Ball - Stab, and it helps against those bulky ghosts and psychics like Gengar and Cresselia.

Cresselia - Leftovers - Tank and believe it or not, sweeper - Quiet +SP.ATK -Speed

Calm mind - Helps me sweep
Moonlight - Healing
Hidden power dark - Gets rid of those ghost types ;)
Psychic - I dont think much explanation is needed here.

Empoleon - Life orb - Sweeper - Timid +Speed -ATK

Knock off - Coverage, and can be useful if someone has something like leftovers/choice scarf/band/specs
Ice beam - Stab, coverage and im SP.ATK as opposed to ATK
Scald - Chance to burn, stab.etc
Agility - For sweeping.

Conkeldurr - Choice band (Trust me, it works) - Sweeper/sponge - Relaxed + Defense -Speed

Mach punch - Finishing move, it also enables you to kill fast opponents with low health without taking damage.
Superpower - Does insane damage.
Payback - Coverage, works well with choice band.
Stone edge - Coverage, to take down flying types. Also a stab.

Dusknoir - Mixed attacker/stall - Leftovers - Sassy +SP.D -Speed

Trick room - I attack first
Earthquake - Mixed attacker, coverage.
Fire punch - Mixed attacker, coverage.
Thunder punch - Mixed attacker, coverage.

Now, please switch some moves, replace a poke, but have a good reason as to why its better than the previous one. Thanks!

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Max IV is 31, Max EV is 255 though only 252 of them can actually have effect.

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Vaporeon: Give him + Defense - Attack. Why would you lower your Sp. Atk when you're using Blizzard and Scald?
Mismagius: If you're Sp. Attack is at 246 you should remake him. Do his EVs at 252 Sp. Atk 252 speed 4 Sp. Defense, and reveres the Nature to + Spd and - defense. He's a sweeper! Plus replace Thunder with Thunderbolt. Give it the Life Orb.
Cresselia: Are you JOKING? Cresselia is meant for walling. max out HP and Defense/Sp. Defense, and replace HP with Protect.
Empoleon: Four words. Flash cannon, Ice Beam, Surf, Hidden-Power Grass. Well, actually 8 words.
Conkeldurr: Replace Superpower with Hammer Arm so you won't have the lowered stats.
Dusknoir: Please replace him! YOu already have Cresselia as a good wall and Trick Room will hinder your team. Try using a tank like Aggron, one of my favorites.
Aggron @ Choice Band
Rock head
+Attack, - Speed
EVs: 252 def 252 atk 4 hp
Head Smash
Iron Defense
Iron Head

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Have to agree with Gray Test on that one.