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3 Shelmet 2 Accelgor

4 Snivy 3 Servine 2 Serperior

2 Emerging powers virizion

1 Noble victories Virizion

1 Catcher, 3 Pokemon communication,
1 Revive, 2 Super rod, 2 switch.

3 Cheren, 1 Flower shop lady,
2 interviewer's Questions,
1 pokemon Collector,
2 Professor Elm's Traning Method
3 Professor oak's New Theory, 2 Twins

1 Rescue Energy
19 Grass energy

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Yeah, thing is nobody has any idea what cards you have.
Also, there are multiple versions of your cards. The entire Serperior line has two versions. Please say what they are.
Thanks. Do you think you can also show pictures of the trainers? I'm having trouble finding them.
It would take way to much time and space to show all the trainers/supporters.
At least provide links to them.

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Deck Mechanic trachy

Note: I don't really care if you have the cards or not. I don't have psychic powers which tell me which cards you do or don't have.

Okay, first things first, your trainers suck. That is no offense to you, not at all. It is instead an observation of what the game has become. These Trainers don't even come close to the power of Trainers from the Base set, which is funny considering how powerful the Pokemon have become.

You have no need of Switch, seeing as all but Shelmet have low retreat cost. And Shelmet will become Accelegor soon enough. You can only use one supporter card per turn. With the game having become Haymaker in style, you won't be able to use all of them. Get rid of all but the Cheren, Pokemon Collector, and two of the Prof Oak New Theory cards. The rest will be much too slow. Add in two Max Potions http://www.serebii.net/card/emergingpowers/094.shtml . These can be of great help to you while you wait to get your Serperiors out into play. After all, your Pokemon use barely any energy. While it might not be as good as the old Pokemon Center, it can still help. Also, add in three more Pokemon Catchers. This card is just like good old Gust of Wind. Since retreat cost seem to be incredibly low, you can use this to take down a weakened foe your opponent thought was safe when switched out. Or you can bring out a high retreat cost Pokemon your opponent has waiting on the bench, then use Accelegor and destroy its energies. If only you had the good old Removals, you could make even more use of this card. Still, four should get you the KOs you need to win. Take out a Pokemon Communication, you don't need three, not when you'll have more basic power like I'm planning on adding. In the end, I would have 4 Catchers, 2 Max Potions, 2 Pokemon Communication, 2 Energy Retrieval, 1 Super Rod, 2 Cheren, 2 Prof Oak New Theory and 1 Pokemon Collector. Now, let's add some more Pokemon to fill up your team.

You have room for seven new Pokemon. THis works out great as you need some colorless Pokemon to protect you from Fire type foes.

If you have them, replace your two Emerging Powers Virizions for two more Noble Victories Virizion. These guys are a bit bulkier and a bit faster. They also give you card drawing, which is needed in my opinion (damn I miss my Bills.) I'd also add in two Black&White Maractus, http://www.serebii.net/card/blackwhite/012.shtml the ones with the Constant Rattle Attack. These add some nice basic bulk to your team. Constant Rattle is a very nice move, usualy doing thirty damage, but sometimes doing sixty damage, all for one energy. The risk of doing none or ten is nothing compared to that 30 or 60. Giga Drain is also a great attack, giving Marractus more bulk than even that 90 HP can give.

Now then, for your colorless bulk I'd say add five colorless basics. First off is two Emerging Powers Tornadus http://www.serebii.net/card/emergingpowers/089.shtml. These guys aren't amazing, but they have high HP and no weakness to Fire, which is the most important thing. Then, add three Noble Victories Audino. http://www.serebii.net/card/noblevictories/085.shtml They have a nice 90 HP and a Do-the-Wave attack which while weaker than Wigglytuff's, can work for only two energy and is on a basic. This attack can work well with your basic force.

If possible (I'm not sure if you can do this) remove two Grass energies for two Double Colorless Energies. http://www.serebii.net/card/base/096.shtml This can help your colorless Pokemon attack sooner. Audino in only one turn even.

Edit: Oh, I see you don't have any Tornadus. Well, if you get some add them into your deck. For now though, get in two Black&White Bouffalant http://www.serebii.net/card/blackwhite/091.shtml , the ones with 100 HP and Revenge. These work great early on with Revenge before your Serperiors are out, and work great later on, when your Royal Heal Serperior is out to heal damage taken from its second attack, Head Charge, which does 80 for four and possibly twenty to Bouffalant if you flip tails.

Final Deck:

Pokemon: 24

x3 Shelmet (Noble Victories)
x2 Accelegor (Noble Victories)
x4 Snivy (Two attacks) (B&W)
x3 Servine (Two attacks) (B&W)
x1 Serperior (Leaf Storm) (B&W)
x1 Serperior (Royal Heal) (B&W)
x3 Virizion (Noble Victories)
x2 Maractus (B&W)
x2 Bouffalant (100 HP) (B&W)
x3 Audino (Noble Victories)

Trainers: 16

x4 Pokemon Catcher (Emerging Powers)
x2 Max Potion (Emerging Powers)
x2 Pokemon Communication (B&W)
x3 Energy Retrieval (B&W)
x2 Cheren (Emerging Powers)
x1 Super Rod (Noble Victories)
x1 Professor Oak's New Theory
x1 Pokemon Collector

Energy: 20

x17 Grass Energy
x2 Double Colorless Energy
x1 Rescue Energy

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