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Please rate my double battle trick room team. it is:

gigalith @leftovers sturdy
iron defence rock slide
swagger protect
sassy nature(+sp. def -speed)
4 atk 252 sp def 252 HP

slowbro @quick claw regenerator
trick room calm mind
slack off toxic
sassy nature
4 HP 252 def 252 sp def

snorlax @aguav berry gluttony
high horsepower curse
facade recycle
relaxed nature (+def -speed)
4 atk 252 def 252 sp def

toxapex @leftovers regenerator
baneful bunker toxic
recover ice beam
quiet nature(+sp atk -speed)
4 def 252 sp atk 252 hp

shiinotic @big root effect spore
ingrain mega drain
spore dream eater
relaxed nature
4 atk 252 def 252 sp atk

torkoal @heat rock drought
heat wave will-o-wisp
protect solar beam
sassy nature
4 sp atk 252 hp 252sp atk

this team is meant to be VERY slow for trick room. this is also my first time attempting evs and natures

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I can see where you're going with this. Slowbro is the Trick Room setup, and you decided on those 5 Pokemon to use as slow Pokemon. Which works extremely well, actually. However, i would change a few minor things.
-Slowbro, as far as I can see, is trying to run a staller set. It's not made for that. Bronzong would be a better idea. Better defensive stats, can learn Iron Defense, Trick Room, and Gyro Ball, and has awful speed. Give it a 252 HP, 252 Defense, 4 Atk EV set, give it the Relaxed nature, Levitate, and Rain Dance, you're good! You have to find a way to get a Bronzong though...
-Switch Snorlax's item to a Sitrus Berry.
Then you're good!

Why should he switch to Sitrus Berry? Aguav heals double what Sitrus does and triggers at a reasonable time thanks to Gluttony.
ok. thx. btw fizz as u can see i attempted my own evs and natures