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I'm very new to this, so I'd appreciate any help.

I like the idea of Blacephalon + Coalossal (Mind Blow activates Steam Engine and G-Max Coalossal can move super fast and set the Volcalith). But, I also really like that Blacephalon gets Expanding Force, and so I wanted to throw in Indeedee-F, which made me think maybe my core is E-Force users and I should add Hatterene.

But, adding Hatt makes me think "Trick Room", and so I thought I should add Stakataka, and now I only have space for one more Pokemon (thinking of Dragalge for at least some coverage and maybe a Surf self-procc for Staka's WP??).

I honestly don't know how to salvage the ideas here. Do I drop the Trick Room aspect altogether? If so, what other forms of speed control should I consider? What other considerations are there (I'm already seeing a potential coverage problem)?

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I can't give a full answer, but I can tell you this: You've got two completely different leads, Blacephalon + Coalossal, which is extremely fast, and Indeedee + Hatterene, which is very slow. These two cores are completely different and don't mesh with each other at all, meaning that you'll almost always be bringing one or the other, which leaves you needing two back mons that are good in any situation, and that kind of Pokemon just doesn't exist (because that would be broken). I can't go into much more detail in a comment, but if you create a new question with a full team of 6 and complete movesets, I'll be happy to elaborate there!