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Blissey. BOLD Nature
Ability: Natural Cure
Item: Leftovers
Role: Well if you see its attacks its obviously here to be a "wall" and give my other pokemon setup for easy attacks.
EV's: 252 Defense. 252 Sp. Defense. 4 HP
Follow Me (Protects My Machamp)
Aromatherapy (Heals all Status Affects if necasery)
Softboiled (Heal Move)
EggBomb (STAB)

Machamp. Lonely
Ability: No Guard
Item: Air Balloon (Noone can E-Quake Him)
Role: To Physically Sweep The Opponets Team
EV's: Attack 252. HP 252. Speed. 4
Focus Punch (With Follow Me this is a PERFECT move)
Dynamic Punch (STAB + Confusion + No Guard = EPICOSITY)
Stone Edge (Coverage)
Protect ( When Blissey Heals.)

Haxorus Lonely
Ability: Rivalry
Item: Life Orb
Role: Sweeper
EV's 252Attack, 252Speed. 4.HP
Dragon Dance (Setup)
Dragon Claw (STAB)
Protect (If Blissey or Clefable Heals)
Dual Chop (Coverage)

Clefable Bold
Ability: Cute Charm
Item: Leftovers
Role: Blisseys BackUp
EV's 252 Defense, 252 Sp. Defense, 4 HP
Follow Me
Healing Wish

Starmie Mild
Ability: Torrent
Item: Choice Scarf
Role: To Troll the Stat Boosters
EV's 252 Sp. Attack 252 Speed 4 HP
Trick ( To Give Choice Scarf)
Hydro Pump (STAB)
Psychic (STAB)
Ice Beam (Dragon Type be gone)

Linoone adamant
Ability: Gluttony
Item: Shell Bell
Role: To KO the team...
EV's: Speed 252 Attack 252 HP 4
ExtremeSpeed (STAB + Belly Drum + Priority = EPICOSITY)
Belly Drum (Setup)
Seed Bomb (Coverage)
Night Slash (Coverage)

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