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Member for: 7 years (since Mar 18, 2013)
Type: Registered user
Gender: male but ironically
Country: In SoulSwifters room, under the lamp
Favorite Pokémon: Probopass
Friend Codes: Top 20 epic jimy moments:!
number20: [REDACTED]
number 19: Jimmy⠀(idle)
number 18: moment when jimmy is sassy and saucy but he is also a little but bossy
bumber 17: me i'll
#16: jim in cecletric chair he si chair in lelecteric cool and fun
fiveteen: jim is dead
foreteen: no wait no neverminf
13!!! epic thriteen: jijm has done shit ass instlantnly
WHATS THE NEXT NUMBER: jimmy wangs red he is wing red wang winger rred

Hellfire Taco
seconds ago
top 1-11 jimmy moments are on my profile
About me: i'm felix. i mostly say stupid things on here but occasionally i will say intelligent sentences as well; its usually a crapshoot as to what youre gonna get. feel free to leave a wallpost or add me on discord (finchwidget#6889) if you need help with any aspects of the site or just want to say hi; im typically down to talk about whatever.

Proud owner of a full Living Dex

Favorite Pokemon of each type:
Normal: Porygon-Z
Fire: Magmortar
Water: Huntail/Gorebyss
Electric: Electivire
Grass: Flapple/Appletun
Ice: Cryogonal
Fighting: Falinks
Poison: Naganadel
Ground: Flygon
Flying: Tropius
Psychic: Chimecho
Bug: Pinsir
Rock: Probopass
Ghost: Cursola/Dhelmise
Dragon: Drampa
Dark: Spiritomb
Steel: Magnezone
Fairy: Altaria

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MMm yes, Crab robot monster thing
2 days ago by Drifty-Boy
nice pfp lol
3 days ago by stall_fest
4 days ago by SoulSwifter
felie :(
5 days ago by SoulSwifter
5 days ago by CC ™
dont listen to him :(
5 days ago by SoulSwifter
soulswifter won’t finish my song from Victorious!!!! pls bite and posion her
5 days ago by CC ™
felix so cc said he was going to tell u something but i have no idea what either way dont believe him
5 days ago by SoulSwifter
May 23 by NebbyY
May 23 by SeeYaLater!