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About me: Homebrew is the most powerful Pokémon. But seriously, if you ever need a mythical or legendary or shiny Pokémon, just ask me.

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Cantonese Chinese is equally chinese as Mandarin, they have slightly different origins but are equally as old and prestigious honestly. Your declaration that one was trash (Im not sure what the mention about Taiwan/Hk was for) was most likely the reason it was hidden.
15 hours ago by Sempi
can i please have a gooy goomy  speed boost torchic Galvanize geodude and Grass Pelt Skiddo
2 days ago by mooyak
As Fizz said below, you don't need to flaunt the fact that you're ten years old and think that drugs are the height of comedy.
Jun 19 by Hellfire Taco
Stop referencing drugs on a Pokemon website please. It's a bad look and we can ban you for it. Thanks.
Jun 16 by Fizz
Look at my post below this one.
Jun 15 by Hellfire Taco
https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/323927/ Don't ask questions like this.
Jun 3 by Hellfire Taco
Please don't comment on old posts like this, if you're not going to add anything both new and useful. Thanks.
May 24 by Hellfire Taco
"(When answering please keep in mind this Arceus carries my entire team on X and I won’t do very well without it)."

"My team consists of 6 Shiny ExtremeKiller Arceus."

Checks out
May 11 by Agent 3
> My team consists of 6 Shiny ExtremeKiller Arceus.

*visible confusion*
May 5 by BlackAce
Sorry if this annoys you, but putting a joke answer like "Because he is asian" could offend people, since, let's be real here, it is 2019. Everything is offensive.
May 5 by BlackAce