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Ym hi GYT do you remember me? I’m WW/Nova. It’s been 3 months  i see someone thinks you’re banned. But i don’t see  an actual ban note, you know i miss seeing you around  and our FF Shadow and Dawn is still here i’d nearly forgotten about it so i think i’ll re-work chapter one but keep our OC’s as is you should come back soon everyone but PK has new names Glazio is Gladion Aether,  is Chlorate/Coco, X is still  technically X he was Mega-Blade x now he’s Giva-Blade X, Jason is now Hollow the Sylvekyu etc please if you’te not banned answer me how have you been?
Nov 7, 2020 by Rosalie Hood
(spits on grave cool and fun epic grave spitting)
Oct 2, 2020 by OceanTempest
coffin dance
Sep 4, 2020 by themodernage
he's banned :/
Aug 26, 2020 by CC ☽
How are you doing?
Aug 16, 2020 by Iridacea
Oof you have PK and Jason on ur list? I don’t want to tell you who should and shouldn’t be there but you need to know...
Jason and PK still plan on ignoring you u saw PK actuvly do it... i wish PK would grow up a bit at least u seem to have made a convious effort tk change i don’t think i iffcially said ut but i forgive you and as for PK i hinestly don’t think ge’ll ever accept  you  i hate being the onebto tell you that i don’t want to hurt you i want to help you
Aug 15, 2020 by Rosalie Hood
Ta-da! Below is our ICs and the  prologue  To the new story hope you like it!
Aug 14, 2020 by Rosalie Hood
Shadow and Dawn.

Name Dawn Elskr
Age 14
She has platinum blonde hair, lavender eyes and slightly tan skin. She is slender and usually wears her hair in a long tight braid.
Dawn is genuinely kind and caring sometimes to a fault. She is also ready to please anyone even if what she’s being made to do hoes against her beliefs. As she is part fae she also has an affinity, a power for her that power is in the Air element. When her cruel father takes in Shadow Martinez, a boy about 13 who has been abandoned by his father and who’s mom died when he was young, Dawn just wants to be his friend but her older brothers and sisters force her to hurt him just like they do.

Shadow (GYT’s OC)
Age 13 or 14
Despite his name being “Shadow” he is quite pale white-blonde hair and very pale skin.
It’s hard for him to trust anyone because his birth father  who was supposed to cars about him  aleft him alone. When the Elskr’s take him in he thinks he’s getting a second chance to be a kid and be loved. Unfortunately That doesn’t happen. Instead Mr. Elskr ignores him and lets his two sons Darren and Damon beat him up  til he’s nearly unconscious. Nr. Elskr’s daughters Daphne and Dawn verbally tease him though Dawn only does it when she’s told to. Shadow escapes his abusive foster home but Dawn surprises him by also leaving.

I was hiding from Darren my 16 year old big brother when I saw Shadow. Shadow had been living with u for a week now but I hadn’t actually SEEN him yet. Darren saw him too and I was immediately forgotten which was good for me but bad for Shadow. I took a good look at my foster brother, he had nearly white hair and pale skin. His eyes i think are hazel but from my vantage point I couldn’t tell. He was wearing ripped jeans and a t-shirt with some logo on it he was also still wearing his sneakers as ge’d just come from outside. Darren, older and bugger, clicked his tongue at Shadow abd said in a steely voice “well well Shad, dad’s not gonna be happy to see dirty footprints all over his clean floor. Don’t you know better? Ot are you to stupid to remember?” I shuddered from my hiding place, poor Shadow there was no rule against shoes in the house but he didn’t know that yet.  ShDow tried to fight back by saying”don’t call me “Shad” my names Shadow, and I was about to get my shoes off when you dropped me.” Why shadow had said that i’ll never know. Darren’s eyes blazed angrily and he said “ARE YOU BACKTALKING?!” Shadow cowered into a corner but it was too late. Darren grabbed-shadow and tossed him acrosx the room. shadow landed a few inches away from me and groaned. Before he could get back up Darren grabbed him again but this time threw him into the wall Shadow tried to stop his impending collision with the wall by putting his arm in front of his face. I heard a sickening “crunch” as Shadow’s arm met the wall. I couldn’t watch anymore i leaped out of my hising place, i’d been behind a chair, and said “Darren! Stop it! Didn’t you hear that crunch? You’re hurting him!” Darren glared at me letting Shadow fall in a heap. “Shut up Dawn you know dad  
Doesn’t   Care.” I crossed my arms and glared back at Darren i didn’t say a word but Darren backed off anger seeming to radiate off him. Once he had left I turned towards a whimpering sound and saw Shadow still in a heap on the floor. I knelt beside him and touched his shoulder. He flinched and I pulled back. “Hey, are you alright?” I knew he wasn’t but I didn’t know what else to say. He shook his head and tried to sit up. I helped to an almost sitting position but I knew he was a lot of pain. Finally he said “i-i don’t feel too well, my arm aches and i think i’m getting a headache, but I doubt you care you’re just another Elskr kid.” Ge weakly laughed and I crossed my arms again i said “Shadow, if I DIDN’T care why would I even ask? I DO care and don’t ever call me “just another Elskr girl” or i’ll show you how i’m different.”  shadow looked surprisingly at me them he let his ,rather weak) mask of neutrality fall. Not a real nSk obviously but a figurative one. Now I saw how much he was in pain. He looked to me like he’d bee ill at any moment. This time when I reached out to him he didn’t flinch instead he let me help him up and  onto the couch  as he sat down i could tell he stull didn’t completely trust me but we were off to an okay start.
Aug 14, 2020 by Rosalie Hood
Pardon my obsercations i feel like someones hurt your feellings. Why else wouldn’t you trust anyone?  Listen i hope you are able to trust people someday i want you to lnow i’ve not once betrayed anyone  i’m not saying to sound self/importaint i hate arrogant people if thers a way i can orove my trustworthinessvi’ll do my best.
Aug 14, 2020 by Rosalie Hood
Dosen’t it feel better to be honest? What on earth majes you think i’d tease you? I’ve been bullied too often myself to be a bully. Wdym “it’s not my parents or ny family?” I know how it feels to be friendless you can always talk to me i’m just a wall away now that you have ots enough to wall post.
Aug 14, 2020 by Rosalie Hood