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Gender: Who are you? Professor Oak? (I'm a Male)
Country: Somewhere... Faraway... (In Europe)
Favorite Pokémon: 1-Absol(Freaking Badass) 2-Samurott(Freaking Anime-Badass) 3-Blaziken(Freaking Badass) 4-Dragonite(Cute and Powerful) 5-Goodra(Cute and Powerful) 6-Noivern(Freaking Badass) 7-Flygon (The Design...) 8-Gallade (Freaking Badass) 9-Lucario (I love Aura and Jackal/Wolves) 10-Flareon (Cute and Powerful)
Friend Codes: Nope ;)
Coming soon

Nick: NaranjaYoshi (Ubers, OU, UU and MonoDragon)
About me: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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□□□ ■●■●■COOL QUESTIONS IN THE END■●■●■□□□

I'm LunarAbsol, i'm a Competitive Pokemon Battler who loves Absol.
I'm also a Soccer fan who plays ftw, my trademark is #beTheBeast!

  ■■■Favourite Pokemon■■■
1-Absol(Freaking Badass)    
2-Samurott(Freaking Anime-Badass)    
3-Blaziken(Freaking Badass)      
4-Dragonite(Cute and Powerful)      
5-Goodra(Cute and Powerful)      
6-Noivern(Freaking Badass)      
7-Flygon (The Design...)      
8-Gallade (Freaking Badass)      
9-Lucario (I love Aura and Jackal/Wolves)      
10-Flareon (So Cute and Damn Powerful)
   ■■■Things that I want for 7th Gen■■■
1= Better Rivals (I want one like Hugh or Silver)
2= Better Story (I want one better than B2W2 one, my favourite)
3= Tons of new Pokemon (At least 150)
4= The Beast Type
5= The Cosmic Type
6= Bigger Region
7= Better Dialogues and Different Storylines
8= A mountainous region
9= Better Online Communication  
10= Better Post-Game


   ■■■My ideals■■■
 I'm a calm person who defends the freedom and equality, everyone says that but I REALLY DEFEND IT!
 ●No Racism
 ●Everyone can do whatever they want without being annoyed by another person  just because "he likes it"
 ●Everyone can do whatever they want no matter the age
 ●Stop underestimate people by the AGE/ASPECT/QUALITIES

   ■■■Talking about food in a pokemon site■■■
Favourite ones: Pizza, Crepes and Tea

   ■■■Things that I want in Pokemon■■■
The Beast Type
The Cosmic Type
The Sound Type
Every starter has a Mega-Evolution
Eevee evolving into a Dragon Type
Mega-Flygon and Mega-Milotic

   ■■■Hobbies and stuff■■■
Draw (if u believe in inspiration u will understand)

   ■■■Things that I love■■■
Lucid Dreaming
Deep talking about feelings
A good music

   ■■■Things that I hate■■■
Annoying People
Childish People
People who dislike my hair
Being Interrupted

   ■■■Quotes that I hate■■■
 ●What's up?
The ceiling/sky!
 ●[...] (extensive talking)
-Her melon!
-Hehehe... Do you mean *dirty joke*, hhahahhahahah!
 ●[...] {talktalktalktalk} No, you're just childish, when you grow up you will understand better the life
-No, that's not true, hahaha, you're childish!
(I hate childish people)

Pokemon OrAs (3DS)
Nuzlocke HgSs (Ds)  (RIP in pasta "JohnCena"the Machamp)
Wedlocke B2W2 (Ds)
Pokemon Showdown (Pc)
SSB4 (WiiU)
Pokken Tournament  (WiiU, is coming)
Super Mario Maker (WiiU)

   ■■■Also known as...■■■

   ■■■7th Gen Questions■■■  "Choose 3 or more, if you want"
1) Do you think Hawaii is going to be the 7thGen region?(I think "yes", but I don't want it)
2) Do you think GameFreak is going to compenate the low number of new pokemon last generation? (I dunno why, but Yes)
3) Do you thing GameFreak is going to make another type because fans didn't "liked" Fairy Type? (NOPE)
4) Do you thing GameFreak is going to make Light type because fans didn't "liked" Fairy Type? (Nope, I liked Fairy Type)
5) Do you think GameFreak is going to release the Unused Pokemon Ideas from the last generation? (If the region is going to be Hawaii, YES)
6) Do you think Flygon finally is going to get a MegaEvolution? (YEAH)
7) Do you think GameFreak finally is going to do a Badass rival? (I dunno why, No. But I want it)
8) Do you think that in Pokemon Sun and Moon you can ride cars? (NOOOOOOO)
9) Japanese Logos ---》Pokemon Fusion with humans? What do you think? Noooooooopppppppeeeeeee (if you dont't know what i'm talking about you should go search in youtube)
10) Do you think that our possibility to custom the trainer's clothes feature is going to come back? (OF COURSE)

   ■■■Random Questions?■■■
1) What type do you want?   (Beast, Cosmic and Sound)
2) What type combination do you want?  (Fire-Elec (not Rotom) Dragon-Fight and Steel-Ice)
3) What planet earth place do you want to be a region? (England, Iberian Peninsula and Turkish Southwest)
4) What animal do you want to be a pokemon?   (Meerkat and Lynx)
5) What mytologic creature do you want to be a pkmn? (Garuda)
6 )What object do you want to be a pkmn? (Plate ---》Set of dishes)
7) What pokemon move do you want?
8) Do you think Hawaii is going to be the 7thGen region? I think "yes", but I don't want it)
9) Which one you prefer (for new gens)? Lots of Pkmn or Cooler Pkm
10) Fav Starter. (Oshawott)
11)Are you tired of questions? (No)
12) Do you like the fanmade "Light Type"? (I don't)
13) Dream pokemon
14) Best (or fav) Pokemon FanGame/ROM Hack.
15) Who is your fav YouTuber? (MandJTVPokeVids)
16) Favourite Main Series Game. (B2W2)

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Oh and when relying to someone try to reply on their OWN wall. They're more likely to get the message that way :D
You seem cool hope you enjoy your stay.
Mar 9, 2016 by Ruby Furret
I like your questions so I'll answer them.

1) I think that although they won't add a new type adding it would be cool if they added a light type, or something that corresponds with the "sun" theme of Pokemon Sun and Moon.
2) Having a Fire-Water type would be awesome as its two different types that contradict itself. I also would love to see wierd Fairy-??? Type such as Fairy-Fire or even Fairy-Dark (not sure with that one xD).
3) I really want Australia to be a region becuase of varying landscapes like deserts and tropical places.
4) Lynx's are my favorite animal so that would be really cool, as long as they don't mess it up. A dolphin Pokemon would be cool too.
5) Mabye a Minotaur with two different forms with the animal part switched with the human part in the different forms (like human head bull legs and bull head human legs).
6) Pillow --> Bigger Pillow.
7) A move that Resurrects the dead and every turn for three turns all the Pokemon that fainted in the battle use their last move, maximum of three Pokemon attacking.
8) People say that's it gonna be so I say just go with the flow.
9) Lots of Pokemon (there has to be at least one cool Pokemon in there somewhere).
10) I first used totodile in the original silver so I'm pretty attached to it.
11) Hell no!
12) Like I said I want it to be added so, yes.
13) Dream Pokemon? How about a mega for Musharna? Lol :D
15) Favorite poketuber:  MunchingOrange, Tyranitartube, TheKingNappy. Favorite Youtubers: Jacksepticeye, Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil. DOMICS!

Nice questions :P also if I came of cold while answering those sorry xD.
Mar 9, 2016 by Ruby Furret
A liiittle late on this, but welcome to the site!
I'll just answer questions from your profile right here.... (this is gonna be long)

I don't think Gen 7 takes place in a Hawaii-based region. I guess it'd be neat if it did, but the fact that people speculate that in the first place just aggravates me, because there is just as much evidence to support hawaii as there is other places of the world.

I feel like (I'd like to believe, but I'm sure it's wrong) Sun and Moon are more like a second half of gen 6, and not really a whole new generation. But eh, what do I know?

I don't think there's going to be another new type, at least not any time soon. Lots of people liked and appreciated Fairy. I wouldn't say it's hated on very much. I've only seen a few people bash on the new type. I do kind of hate the type though, and I wish they'd gone with a different type idea.  I get that Dragon was overpowered, but Fairy just seems unfair to me. It's not even that powerful, and I think a new type wasn't really the best way to go. I feel like they should have just majorly tweaked the battle mechanics, and left out Fairy. Or, since Fairy kind of plays a big part in Kalos' history, they could have just not made Fairy so annoying. Buuut I'm not the supreme video game designer that created one of the most beloved video game franchises ever... so I probably don't know what I'm talking about.

I highly doubt they'll released unused ideas. Doesn't really matter to me.

Flygon should get a Mega! I think it will.

Are Blue and Silver not badass rivals? Take away the fact that they're ignorant and mean to you for the entire span of the games, and these kids were AWESOME. Silver is Giovanni's son. Blue was (probably) the first official champion of the league.. Those two are badasses if you ask me. But a rival that's like them but not rude to you.. that'd be different and fun, I want to see that.

Maybe in Sun and Moon you can ride in cars, that'd be kind of neat. But you technically do that in X and Y (though you can't watch the taxi drive you around). If they made it a completely viewable and interactable event (such as a conversation taking place during a car ride), then that would be awesome.

I am absolutely certain that player customization will return.

Cosmic or Sound. I really like the idea of a Sound-Type, because there's so many sound-based abilities and moves and Pokemon. Plasma-Type too.

Fire-Electric already exists: Rotom (and probably someone else I forgot). Dragon Fighting seems cool.

I think that England or Pakistan would make great regions. Or maybe even EGYPT!!

Dolphin and Platypus


A musical intrument... This is where Sound-Type comes in. Just imagine the possiblities!!!

cooler Pokemon. I prefer a Pokemon to be well-designed and thought-out than for there to be an overflow of bad Pokemon.

Cyndaquil is the greatest starter ever!

I don't like the idea of Light-Type. It seems very unnecessary

Ruby, Soul Silver, and Black 2 are excellent games. I don't know how to pick a favorite between them! I love the story and cutscenes in Black 2. I love the extended gameplay and  aesthetics of Soul Silver, and Ruby was my first game. All three of them have amazing music and they're really fun.
Mar 9, 2016 by Your Excellency
Unfortunately, I know that
Mar 5, 2016 by LunarAbsol
Also, if you want at least 150 new Pokemon in generation 7, you will get something like generation 5 where all the Pokemon are either animals that have been used before or inanimate objects.
Mar 3, 2016 by sumwun
hi. welcome.
Mar 3, 2016 by sumwun
Welcome to the DB!
Mar 3, 2016 by MechSteelix
Welcome to the site!
Mar 2, 2016 by Flommo