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Country: uk, parents come from spain
Favorite Pokémon: pidove > all pokemon < pidove evolution tree
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is that a gen 5 thing
About me: i like pigeons and i like not spicy ramen so i have a south african (he’s actually 96.9% afrikaans 2% english 1% german and 0.1% spanish) pigeon hatched in reading called ramen and i didn’t hatch him actually some guy i got him from reading actually and as of 16 of july 2022 i just came back to pokemondb.net after about three months and i really love books and adding lots to my questions and information also i’m constantly doing things and love being as active and helpful as possible everywhere on all sites and my favourite pokemon game as of 16 of july 2022 is pokemon snap or pokemon legends arceus (arkoos) and also i joined pokemondb.net because I used to love browsing it and using it, i wouldn’t use any other pokemon website ……………..quack

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Also, the next tournament will probably be in Octoberish.
Jul 17 by J™
Please don't spam caps and messages in the chat room.  Thanks.
Jul 17 by J™
You hatched a pigeon?
May 19 by BM™
Mmm my favorite dish, Ramen :3
May 14 by Mare the H. Zoroark
hii. welcome.
Apr 23 by sumwun

The account above has been blocked indefinitely -- we don't allow multiple accounts, sorry. If this is another person that uses the same IP as you, please let us know in the Connected Accounts thread on META.
Apr 9 by Amethyst
Hello and welcome to pokebase!
Apr 9 by user
Welcome! Be sure to read the rules
Apr 9 by ~Scarlet~