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hi I have never really understood EVs, I always used to use tons of Rare Candies to get to Lv:100 but since I heard that EVs help you get stronger Pokemon i've stopped using them now but i'm a little stuck. As i've said I used Rare Candies to get really strong an I used to use the Vitamins to squeeze as much power out of my Pokemon as possible but i've seen and found these Wings on Black 1 and White 2 but never used them. now I have read up about them on this website but i'm still a little confused on whether I can use the full 225 on each stat (yeah I have that many because I used an Action Replay for all/max items) and get the highest stats possible.

For example say if I caught a Lv:1 Arceus and gave it as many wings as possible at Lv:1 would it get every EV at once without battling or would it be better to battle till it's Lv:100 then use the Vitamins? I chose Arceus as the example as 1, it's 1 of my favourite Pokemon and 2, it has the highest stats but what i'm wondering is if I use the wings would it's stats be the highest number possible if I use all of the wings I could. so would it's final Lv:100 stats be:

HP - 444
ATTACK - 372
SP. ATK - 372
SP. DEF - 372
SPEED - 372
(i would love Arceus to have every one of these stats)

i'm not bothered about whether I can or can't use it over Wi-Fi as I don't use that it's just for personal in-game use an for when I have an Infrared/Wireless battle with friends just so I can just destroy their teams with ease using them.


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Sorry, those stats are not possible. Here are the reasons:

  • Only 2 stats can fully utilize EVs. 252 EVs are needed to max out a stat. And there are only 510 EVs available. So 2 stats can be maximized. No more.
  • Only 1 stat can be fully maximized with a Nature, excluding HP. 372 on Arceus is 252 EVs + a benefical Nature. Same with your 444 HP, but HP doesn't need natures. So only 1 stat can reach 372, again, excluding HP.

I cannot determine what stats you Arceus will have; it depends on how many and what kind of wings / vitamins are given.

Also, only 508 EVs can be used, as 4 EVs = 1 stat point.

Now, in regards to your question. Vitamins give 10 EVs, while wings give 1 EV. It may seem like Vitamins are superior, but you can only use 10 Vitamins a stat. Meaning 100 EVs. So Vitamins are stronger for limited used. Wings can be used in unlimited quantities up to 255 a stat.

  • Vitamins: Limited
  • Wings: Unlimited

I'd say Wings.

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ok thanks for clearing that up for me :) so from now would i be able to use 252 wings on Arceus' Sp.Atk and say Speed to make those stats considerably higher than if i never used the wings, vitamins or Rare Candies and if i use the wings would i be able to use Rare Candies again or is it still better to battle to Lv:100?

sorry about the load of questions i dont really understand EVs that well.
If you use 252 EVs in Speed and Special Attack, and Level it up to 100 using Rare Candies, that would be fine.
Also, you get 4 extra EVs to put somewhere. In Arceus' case, make it in HP.
I just did the 252 wings on Arceus' Speed & Sp.Atk, plus the remaining on HP an it's overall stats now are:

HP - 362
Attack - 248
Defence - 252
Sp.Atk - 341
Sp.Def - 234
Speed - 314

thanks to you explaining the effects the wings can have i have now got the strongest Arceus that i've ever had. the last one's stats were:

HP - 386
Attack - 267
Defence - 270
Sp.Atk - 290
Sp.Def - 270
Speed - 286

thank you so much for helping me understand EVs and the wings :) i'm going to remake my entire uber team now and use this information to my advantage when i face my friends over wireless :)
No problem.