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On my Pokemon yellow emulator, I have a nidoran male that I will evolve into a nidoking. I like to plan most of my Pokemon's movesets early so it's not a pain in the butt when my Pokemon start trying to learn a bunnch of moves. It helps me to plan early so I already know what moves I don't want my Pokemon to learn and what moves I do want that Pokemon to learn. I went to the generation 1 learnset on the Pokemon database for nidoran male, nidorino, and nidoking, and saw/read that nidoran male/nidorino learn horn drill (one of the moves I want my nidoran to learn), at level 38. I read on nidoking's generation 1 learnset that horn drill is one of his pre-evolution moves. I also saw that nidoking can learn thrash at level 23, but nidoking's generation 1 learnset also says that nidoking learns thrash at level 1. So does nidoking learn thrash at level 23 or level 1? or does he learn thrash at both of those levels? Does nidoking try to learn thrash as soon as it evolves? So is that what it means by nidoking learns thrash at level 1? So if I give nidorino a moon stone after it learns horn drill can It still learn Thrash after it evolves? Please help me because I'm starting to get confused!

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I think you are confused. Nidoking can't learn Thrash at Level 1.

Look here for Nidoking's learnset.
Thrash can only be learned at Level 23 by Nidoking. You cannot have both Thrash and Horn Drill in the same moveset UNLESS you use TM07 on Nidoking. So evolve Nidorino at Level 23 with the Moon Stone, and teach it Thrash. Then use TM07.

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Thank you so munch! But, where do you find tm07 in pokemon yellow?
Its at the Rocket Hideout. Or you can buy it at the Celedon Department Store for 2000.
Wait, would it be okay to give it the moon stone at level 22? I'm gussing that would be a safer level because all you have to do is get it up 1 level to learn thrash. So would it be okay to give it the moon stone at a level lower than 23?
Level 23 would be fine, as Nidoking will attempt to learn Thrash after evolution. And Levels lower than 23 would work also.