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I Battled Cynthia, Beat Rival(Driftviel City(, Beat Cheren (on route 5), Beat champion, Caught EVERY LEGENDERY, Completed National Dex, Caught Shiny of every Pokemon, But exclusive event Pokemon, like genesect(NO CHEATING WOOT I LOV POKE-TRANSFER), Trolled and caught patrat with Masterball......Anything I missed

Beat the Junior,Master,Senior champs.
I forgot to mention, I got everything possible from PWT, TM's Focus sash Focus band A dew Herbs
As a add on to my comment you couldn't have defeated all the division champs because not all the downloads are out yet.
"Trolled" and caught patrat with Masterball hmmm
I know, I mean besides downlaod tourny's
how did u get shiny of every pokemon?

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I'll edit as I go.

  • Defeat White Treehollow / Black Tower
  • Collect all the TMs
  • Head to Nature Preserve
  • Collect all the Medals
  • Catch N's Pokemon
  • Battle N at his castle once a season
  • Plow your way through the Battle Subway
  • Explore the Abyssal Ruins
  • Do all the PokeStar Studio recordings
  • Fully upgrade Join Avenue
  • Trade with Yancy / Curtis
  • Battle with Cress / Cilan / Chili at Striaton City
  • Get a Black Trainer Card
  • Battle people online via WiFi
  • EV train and make some teams
  • Collect all the props
  • Collect some items with your Dowsing Machine
  • Collect $9,999,999 in the game
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Forgot to mention, Done, Done, Done, Done
Then why ask? -0-
You really went through the Battle Subway already? You have the trophies from the Super Single, Super Double, and Super Multi Battles?
I highly doubt you have all the medals...
I yeah, another thing to do, but I do got black trainer card.