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This is if you teach it in, say Black 2 then delete the move and then want to re-learn it again in the same game. Would you go through the animation of Keldeo exiting the poke ball again for a second time? That is if you can re-teach the move again? Many thanks.


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Just go back to Pledge Grove and reteach it.

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O.K. Thanks for that. I thought it would be possible but haven't tried to delete the move and then re-learn it yet. Thanks.
That's legal :P
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Yeah just go back to the spot and have the other three with you (Coballion, Virizion, and Terrakion)

In B/W 2 you don't need the other three Pokemon in your party to learn Secret Sword just Keldeo. For Black/White that must be how you (re-)learn it. You go to the Moor Of Icirrus by including the other 3 legendary musketeers in your party. Many thanks though!
you don't need the 3 legendary pokemon with keldeo. I know. I have him.