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And can you talk to the random men standing around and how can you get to the other tunnels?

The tunnels that don't connect to the ones you first drop into. the underground man said something about collapsing walls but I don't get it.

And one other thing. I can't talk to the men like I would normally? Is something wrong with my game?

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You talk to those "random men" to trade Spheres. They will offer goods only in exchange for a Sphere of a certain kind and size. So, if they ask for a Red Sphere 39, give him a Red Sphere that's size has reached 39 or more.

The Underground map is based off of the Sinnoh Map. Take a look:

You would use the Explorer's Kit where the tunnels actually are. For example, the tunnels near the top right can be accessed when you drop down from Fight, Resort, or Survival Areas. The bottom left can be accessed by dropping from Canalave, Sandgem, and Twinleaf Towns / Cities. Drop down above the tunnels. Use the maps for help.

There must be something wrong with the game. Try describing it a bit.

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I drop down from hearthome city.  found a guy and for the first time when I tried to talk to him it worked.Guess I was just doing something wrong.
Oh, that's good. You know your game isn't faulty.