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I am new to Pokemon and I need help. I don't know what a master balls does. I don't know what kinds of Pokemon I can catch with it. Please help me! I just started this summer.

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The Master Ball catches a Pokemon without fail.
It will definetly catch a Pokemon even one that is at full health.
You can catch any Pokemon with it.
And generally you can only get 1 master ball in every game.
Unless you hack or trade from one game to another.
Hope I helped!

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Thank you. You are really helpfull. Also thanks for answering all my questions!
thanks, no problem ;)
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You can catch ANY Pokemon with it. I would use it to catch Kyurem. I used ultra balls to catch the three "ion" legandaries. Also, If you are lucky in join ave. the raffle shop gives you a free draw every day, and you will gauranteed get somthing. If you win you get a master ball. Also if you have multipule raffles you may have multipule chances. Good luck on the game!!

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Thanks for helping me!