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From a new Event, he will get the following moves: Bolt Strike, Blue Flare and Glaciate. Bolt Strike is better than Fusion Bolt, and Glaciate can be used over HP Ice, always lowers the opponent's Speed, and leaves space for another Hidden Power of your choice. But the real downside is that if you use these 3 moves, your Victini needs to have a Lax Nature. So is it worth it?

Already gave it ;D

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No it isn't.

Bolt Strike only ends up doing around 6% more damage than a Fusion Bolt with an Adamant nature (a nature which doesn't make you more vulnerable to Special Attacks, such as Grass type attacks that you could've otherwise used to switch in on).

And more importantly, it prevents you from using a Speed boosting nature, meaning you'll be outsped by postitive speed natured base 90 Pokemon.

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Ok, thanks. But I have my doubts on Lax Nature and the info Serebii gave us. Serebii are often wrong, and I won't be sure until the Event comes out.
Slap a Choice Scarf on it and you're pretty good.
Still outsped by postive speed natured base 90 choice scarf users though.
And the point of being less able to switch in on Special Attacks still stands.
And is 6% more damage worth about 7% less accuracy?
I don't think it's worth it....
I'm still abusing a Choice Scarf with this when it comes out :P
i never heard about the event. what game is it and when is it. please respond