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I want the exact location, not just route ____. Please provide a print screen of it's location if you can. Also, be specific about where it is.

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You have to drive all the Rocket grunts from Mahogany town, then come back right here. To the right of this pic is a gate. The person there will give you sludge bomb.
Sorry for that CZ.

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Galactic Grunt? They're Rocket Grunts, and i didn't get Sludge Bomb.
Okay, thanks, someone just gave me Sludge Bomb.
Happy to help! BTW, who are you using it on?
Nidoking. He doesn't have any useful poison moves atm, so it would be a nice addition to his set.
Cool, teach that big guy Poison Jab when he learns it.
I would, but his Special attack is higher than his attack.
What really??? That's weird.