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How do you Check How many Volcanic Ash do you have in your Soot Sack In Ruby?

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[Ruby Soot Sack]

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Volcanic ash is a type of currency in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. It can be collected on Route 113 and Jagged Pass, where it settles from Mt. Chimney, covering the tall grass. The player must first obtain the Soot Sack, which is used to collect the ash from the ground by walking through the grass. The grass will have a gray appearance if there is still ash on it. After the player walks through it, it will turn green. Collected ash can be taken to the Glass Workshop on Route 113, where it can be used to make either glass flutes or furniture. The furniture will be sent directly to the PC and can be used to decorate a secret base.The old guy who gave you the sack will tell how much you have collected.
The truth is,you cant see the volcanic ash in your soot sack.

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Haha well technically, he won't tell you how much ash you've collected when you talk to him, but he will tell you how much more you need to make the item of your choice. If you're really curious to know exactly how much you have, if you're confident that you have less than 8000 (probably, as it would take HOURS to get this much), you can ask him to make you a Pretty Desk. If you subtract the number he tells you from 8000, then that's how much soot you have. :)
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well the only possible way to know how nuch is by going to the old guy that gave you the soot sack and talk to him he'll say "oh you have alot of ash" or something like that and hell tell you how much you have and tell you that he can make you an item

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