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I've heard she was in Platinum in the battle frontier, so anyone have an idea why they reused her?

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In HeartGold, SoulSilver, and Platinum, Caitlin is the employer of
Castle Valet Darach and oversees his Battle Castle battles. She is
responsible for determining how many CP the player should receive
depending on the outcome of the battle. She is said to be the most
important person in the Battle Castle and acts like its princess. In
Black and White, Caitlin appears as a member of the Elite Four of
Unova; she traveled to the region alone in order to develop her skills
It is revealed that she possesses some sort of psychic
powers, and that in the past, she had an explosive temper that would
erupt if she lost a battle causing her psychic powers to cause a lot
of damage. This may be the reason why Darach fought in her place in
Generation IV. It may also explain why she is quite impatient, as she
demands that Darach give the player Castle Points "at once!" after
each victory in the Battle Castle.

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Though I think she was popular in it so they brang her back as a Elite 4 member. This is all I could find on her anime dayview.

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