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Lets say that i'm surfing with my Mantine and I am challenged to a battle.If I sent out ex. Golem, wouldn't it sink ? How can a golem battle on water ?

There was a really funny Dorkly comic on this, but I can't find the link.
It even had Golem in it.

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enter image description here - Anime battle in water.
enter image description here -Battle vs Clair in Johto.

In the Anime, the Trainer basically stands on a base outside of the water and the Pokemon (having to be able to stay in water) will be inside the water. This is what happens in the anime. You can watch this in these episodes:

Episode 7
Episode 13
Episode 254
Episode 111
Episode 83
(These Numbers aren't exact for the whole series, just for every generation.)

Ingame, you are not shown while the Pokemon play the moves, but I think it would be similar to the anime, just...that your Pokemon will be shown standing on a blue circle which represents the water.

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Ok well in the anime there tends to be an island that magicaly appears when a battle starts.
In the Games they stand/sit on the Pokemon they are surfing on. Think about it how does a trainer get out into the water...They ride on a Pokemon so why can't they sit on that Pokemon and give commands from there. Also remember the game is fully accurate so the Golem will probally stand on one tiny little island like what happens in the Anime.
To be honest there isn't a real answer because you can't see where the Pokemon are standing.
Give BA to the answer that is most imaginative!
Use your imagination! XD

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This is because Game Freak wanted different kinds of creatures. It would be less fun if there wasn't any sea or land based Pokemons. This is also why some sea Pokemons was flying above the ground in some episodes. Sooo, it's how Game Freak wanted it!

so ''game freak wanted it that way'' is the best answer.Thanks.
Your are welcome, but "game freak wanted it that way" was only 7/46 of my answer.
not about you, i have seen a lot of answers like game freak wanted it that way
Yeah, it's quite common... ;)
Its not actually just because Gamefreak wanted it. Not all questions are like this. There is always a reason...but for some of the questions, we just don't know and therefore we have to post because gamefreak wanted it. But this question has a reason and if you research a bit you will find out.
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The people who battle you on the water have all water Pokemon so that explains how they can swim but with golem I guess you put him on a float or something. You have to ask game freak