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I'm nearly halfway through Pokemon emerald and have started thinking which Pokemon would be best suited to catch the available legendary Pokemon. Among my Gen IV games my go-to Pokemon was always my lv100 Dragonite and its thunderwave but since I can't trade it to Emerald i'm quite stuck.

So short story. Which Pokemon is best to farm the legendaries in Pokemon Emerald?


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I think Snorlax would do well, he has some bulk, he could have this moveset:

Body Slam(or any attacking move)

It doesn't really matter but it's always better if it has these things:

  • if they're roaming legendaries I would go with Wobbuffet or a Pokemon
    with Mean Look or Block
  • it would be best if it has a self-healing move
  • a move to put the opponent to sleep or any status effect except burn or confused but it's best to make it slee, and that your Pokemon can tank damage.
  • Have some good pokeballs like: Ultra Balls, Dusk Balls (if at night), Quick Balls, Master Balls

Hope I helped!