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At Route 228 you find beldum only in swarm so what mean this and when its start I need to know this answer because 25% of my favorite Pokemons are finable only in swarm,so I wait the most good answer.

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You to have the National Pokédex. Once you do, go see your rival's sister in Sandgem Town. She will tell you where the swarm is and what Pokémon is there. Once known, you can go there and find out. The swarms change every day so always check so that you can get the Pokémon you want

And when it is ?
So :
1.You need National Pokedex
2.Go at Sandgem Town and talk with your rival sister
3.She tell you what swarm of pokemon its today and in what location
But how you find the pokemon from the swarm in that route?
You find them the same way you would find any wild pokemon, grass, water, etc.