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is there a Pokemon that is from lv60-70 in the wild and can learn false swipe by leveling up in W2?


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On Route 3, there is a big chance of getting a Crawdaunt in bubbling and shaking spots while Surfing in the water. They are great for catching legendaries and I use them for every one of them I catch.

Crawdaunt comes at level 50-60.
Corpish by surfing comes at levels 50-60 too.

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thank you
your welcome :)
Didn't think of Crawdant. Nice one.
I'm always looking for a  crawdaunt, but I  just find basculin everywhere. Even in the floating bubbles
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Ok Zangoose can learn False Swipe at Level 29. It can be caught at Route 11 at level 38. There is a 10 % chance that you will find it in the grass so you will have to search hard. Although it isn't a high level it is a great Physical attacker and if you don't have a Physical attacker already he will be a great asset.

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You can catch one at the Nature Preserve at level 60. It can learn false swipe with a TM or with a heart scale at the PWT.

I would never put False Swipe on a Haxorus.